Annoyed with Ebay - Can't relist b/c I've reached my selling limit?!

  1. I listed a LV Card Holder on eBay, had 7 watchers but it didn't end up selling. However, 2 potential buyers did email me asking me to relist as BIN price but I got the following msg:

    We're sorry for the inconvenience, but in order to maintain a safe trading environment, there's a limit on the number of times individual sellers can list certain items in a period of 30 consecutive days.
    You've reached the 30-day selling limit for the type of item you're trying to list. This isn't a reflection on your account or selling activity. These limits apply to all accounts. But it does mean you won't be able to complete this listing right now. (You can still list other kinds of items, though.)
    Items that are subject to selling limits can change, so we can’t be specific about which listings fall under these protective limits.
    Long-time sellers with proven track records and other positive account attributes may be eligible for higher selling limits. If you believe that you would qualify, please review our selling limits page for more information.

    WHY?! I have 73 feedbacks, 100% positive and never sell multiple items on eBay before. Confused and annoyed b/c it may now cost me potential buyers. I emailed eBay asking why they won't let me relist and still waiting for an answer. Anyone had this problem before?
  2. List it on Bonanzle w/ a BIN and tell your buyers who were interested that EBAY would not let you immediately relist, so to check BONZ. You'll only pay $5 to sell it, nothing to list it.

    Ebay does this ALL THE TIME.
  3. ^ ^

    And save a BUNCH of money in the process!
  4. hmmm.....What kind of site is Bonanzle? I have never heard of them. I'm concerned that my buyers will think I am scamming them if they have never heard of the site either. I guess it wouldn't hurt to email them to ask if they are ok with purchasing from that site instead....WHAT A PAIN!

    There are a bunch of pfers who sell AND buy there.

    They can pay w/ paypal or google checkout.
  6. Welcome to the jungle...[​IMG]
  7. kz, love the smiley...

    op - I'm sorry you have a limit! Some of us have been able to have ours lifted, but honestly do give Bonanzle a try. It's so refreshingly simple!
  8. try bonazale
  9. Thanks everyone! I'm gonna give bonanzle a try however it is taking eons to transfer my info over argh..... I'm just super frustrated with eBay & all their new policies! I understand it is to protect buyers but they should really set limits on a case to case basis ans review a sellers history before doing so. I recently had another auction where paypal said I wasn't getting my money until the buyer received the goods and left positive feedback!

    Argh!!! Sorry just ranting....