Annoyed with doctor!

  1. So this is just a vent, I'll try to keep it brief, but am apologizing in advance if it's not . . .

    I had my 28 week appt on Thursday. Now, I had it w/the dr who is not my OBGYN, but another one in the practice I go to and the one who when I see her, always decides to comment on my weight. Now, I did have a jump - I think it was 7 pounds or so by their scale,. I have gained about 26-27 pounds total, but am not bloated, passed the glucose test, have good blood pressure, etc. and tend to react very strongly to hormones in general (I gained 25 pounds just being on the pill which is why after this kid, dh is getting "fixed" but that's a whole other thread!).

    Anyway, the dr. just seemed like she wanted to find something to pick on me about and I am just annoyed b/c she first says, "oh, you jumped again" then "why do you always make ME the bad guy who has to yell at you about your weight?" (oh, and the first "jump" didn't seem to be that bad - I had gained 4 pounds in 4 weeks, but my weight went from 167-171, so I think since it went from the 160s to 170s, she decided it had "jumped"). Then she continued to make some comment about how she had one patient who was apologizing about her 4 pound weight gain and how that wasn't bad and was nothing to apologize for (yet, when I gained 4 pounds, it was something that was a problem). I told her that I didn't know what to tell her - I work out daily (and I do 5-7 times a week!), I work full time and I'm not sitting home gorging myself on bon bons all day. She had nothing constructive to offer. Even my mother, who is fanatical about my looks, especially my weight, told me to ignore her b/c I look great and I've had lots of people (SAs at stores and other strangers) tell me I look "cute" and if you take a pic of me from above my stomach, you can't tell I'm pregnant at all!

    I'm trying to cut out soda (which hasn't been that much), up my water intake and limiting sweets a bit, but I refuse to starve myself! It's just that now I'm totally obsessed with trying not to gain any more and that's just not realistic - no matter how much I cut out, I'm going to gain a bit. I just hate how everything seems to come down to a chart and if you don't fit neatly in the chart, then there are some drs who criticize. I've never fit into the chart - I have a large frame for my size (am 5'6", but according to my physicians, have a build that indicates I should be about 5'8"-5'9" or, as one of them put it, I'm a "big girl in a little girl body.") and even when not pregnant, I've been on the "high side" of the normal range for weight b/c the BMI does not accurately reflect my build (at my height, I have size 10 feet and huge wrists and hands). With dd, I really was big and gained too much and I've made such an effort to stay fit this time, so it's just discouraging to have such a negative focus put on my weight when it appears that I'm so healthy in every other aspect!

    There's really no point to this, I just needed to get it off my chest. Anyone else experiencing anything similar? Please feel free to comisserate!
  2. Don't listen to her!!!! If you're healthy, that's the important thing. And your so called "jump" is're pregnant. You're meant to gain weight!

    I had a female doctor who was the same when I was younger. I've always been really tall, and have larger feet, hands etc like you, and yet this woman would constantly berate me for being so close to the BMI scale of normal weight. It's an awful feeling, particularly when you feel like you're doing everything you can. So I say, ignore that awful old fishwife, and enjoy being able to put on a bit of weight guilt-free...she's just jealous because you're all glowey and looking fabulous, I'm sure! :tup:
  3. Not experiencing anything similar (yet) but I can't imagine why she is b!tching about 25-26 pounds. There is a cute little chart, but who cares?? My mother gained 60 pounds with both my brothers. She probably would have slapped a doctor who bugged her about her weight. Last time I was at my OB I saw a woman who had to have weighed 250 pounds. Was she being critized as they weighed her--NO. I know this person is a doctor, but tell her to stick it. Between 24-28 weeks isn't the normal rate about 1 pound a week anyway? You're growing a PERSON.
  4. Thanks guys! What's funny is that this dr, while not obese, is definitely a bit on the "plump" side herself! And sanguar, normal rate at this point is a pund per week. I guess she just sees that I did more than that this past month and feels the need to say something. Like my mom put it, they all have their things that they focus on and if my other numbers were funky, she probably wouldn't have worried about the weight.

    Anyway, thanks for the kind words - I really appreciate it!
  5. I can understand why you are frustrated but again I can also see your doctor's point of view. But as long as you feel great, eat well/exercise and the baby is healthy, you shouldnt worry about the numbers on the scale. I lost weight during my 3rd trimester and the MD said it's fine-he said healthy pregnancy doesnt just depend on the scale solely.

    Good luck!
  6. Just chalk it up to the fact that she's not your regular MD, so she doesn't really KNOW you. That happened to me, my regular MD wasn't in, and the OB there that day just decided to schedule me for an induction THAT WEEK !!
    Luckily, I fixed that, but it happens in huge group practices like OB.
  7. Oh, tell her to stuff it! I had a similar problem with my OBGYN's nurse. I think she was just jealous because she was on Weight Watchers at the time and was jealous that I was eating anything I wanted! Just enjoy being preggers!
  8. I'd tell her exactly where she could put her chart! I remember when I was pg. Anyone who commented on my weight could expect to hear, "I can't have alcohol, cigarettes, junk food, too much salt or soda pop. I can't even take cold medicine if I'm miserable! I am hugely pg and food is the last thing I am allowed to enjoy in life and I'll be damned if I'm giving THAT up, too!"

    Overall you and your regular dr. know better than anyone what is a healthy gain for you.
  9. Thanks for the encouragement everyone!