Annoyed with Coach...

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  1. So I have a bag that's not that old (purchased July/August). It's got some wear and tear which IMO shouldn't be there. I am NOT rough on my bags at all, especially this one. It's got stains...some of which I can't get out completely. The threads look pretty rough and the fabric is snagging slightly in certain spots. I baby this bag. I don't set it on the floor (not even in the car). I hang it up at home, it's either on my arm or in a safe spot.

    I called Coach and they said I can't return it because it's used. I could possibly send it off for repairs (I would need to take it to a Coach store to see if they say it's normal wear and tear or if it's defective merchandise and then I could send it off). If that didn't work then I'm pretty much SOL. (One lady wanted to me name every source of every stain on the bag so they can tell me how to get it out!). It makes me want to wash my hands of Coach all together. I mean my bag looks rough and like I've said I've only had to 2 months. I'm afraid to even carry it anymore because even the LEATHER gets stained (some I got off by using the hairspray trick). I just couldn't believe they're pretty much telling me "too bad". The bag was not cheap and I can't afford to spend that kind of money on a bag that doesn't hold up two months you know? I've had bags that cost MUCH less than that hold up for years!

  2. Sorry you're having a bad experience, but the scarf print is very delicate. I have one and it has a scuff and I have NO idea how it got there. I know these can happen just from carrying it under your arm and having it brush against your clothes.

    Obviously the signature / jacquard bags are more durable and their leather bags hold up quite well. Just something to think about for future purchases. I know it made me change my mind about getting another delicate item (legacy stripe items come to mind)
  3. I really like the bag in your avatar, but have stayed away because of the fragile nature of the fabric and the maintenance of the white leather. Even though I am very careful with my bags, the maintenance of the scarf print just bummed me out.

    I bought a pink & brown scarf print hobo in '05, and a blue & brown one in '06. I used the pink one a lot but had to have it dry cleaned pretty frequently. I didn't have any problem with scuffs or snags, but every little dirt mark bugged me. I never got around to using the blue one because I got tired of being so careful with the pink one. I sold the pink one (after dry cleaning yet again:wtf:) used, and the blue one new. Now I keep looking at the green scarf print shoulder tote and the Legacy Stripe totes, but I don't think I really want to go there again.

    I guess the nature of that particular fabric is just fragile and there isn't much we can do about it, which is a shame because it's so pretty:sad:. I just stick to the leather now and save the scarf prints for actual scarves.
  4. I see a lot of the bags that come in for repair and ANY bag from ANY brand is subject to stains or wear if it comes in contact with anything that could damage or stain it. It isn't the company's responsibility to replace those bags. They do send the bags to be evaluated and it might be that there is a flaw with it. If not, they will return your bag. I do agree that you picked a beautiful but VERY fragile style of bag. Its not a "carry everyday bag" and its one of those bags that you have to watch what you wear and what you put it down.

    I have quite a few leather or signature bags and they hold up very well. Honestly white scares me to death!
  5. This is why I usually just own leather bags; I stay away from the scarf prints and from suede because I know that they require extra care, and I just can't do that with my handbags. I want to use them, enjoy them and not worry about them so much.

    I'm so sorry to hear about this. It must be frustrating to spend good money on a bag and see such wear and tear on it so soon.
  6. I'm sorry you're frustrated. It's hard not to be when these bags do cost good money. I have to select my bags carefully because of the rural area I live in and my bags are subject to dirt and bad weather. I love the look of the scarf print bags but yeah, I could never own one because I'd just kill it! I have to baby my white legacy as it is! I hope you can find some type of satisfaction with your bag.
  7. Sorry you are unhappy with your bag. I was in the same spot last year. My first Coach was a scarf print bag and after a few months it looked so dirty no matter how much I tried to clean it. After swearing off Coach for awhile I finally decided to give them another try and bought a signature bag. That signature bag has been carried a lot and still looks new. The scarf prints are always so tempting but I wish I would have known how delicate it was before I spent the money.
  8. I appreciate you all sympathizing with me...perhaps I won't swear off coach forever :smile:

    It's my fault too for not researching the bag before I bought it to see if it was high maintenance (a mistake I won't make again). It's just frustrating to hear "Well that's too bad..." you know? I know they can't give me a new bag obviously, I don't know I just expected a little more.

    My next purchase will probably be something more everyday bag.

    Thanks for the input and sharing your experiences. Makes me feel better and a little less annoyed :smile:
  9. very true, but it is helpful when the SA can inform the customer that the bag needs special treatment. I guess I have had good luck with my SAs - they always mention which leathers should/should not be treated and/or used with cleaners/moisturizers, durability of particular bags, etc.

    Exactly! This is what I was told -- again, my SA made sure that I knew not to wear anything that would 'catch' on the bag, including shirtsleeves with decorative buttons, belts, and to be careful with my jewelry against the bag because of snags. This definitely helped with the wear of the bag. I made the choice to purchase it (just lower priced at the outlets!) knowing what I was getting into. Without this info, the thing would be in shreds!
  10. Plain & simple. A lot of my Coach bags have been scuffed up after a few uses but I don't really mind. For example, by purchasing a white Coach bag, I knew It was fragile by type of material. Obviously I expected it to happen. That's what happens with regular wear & tear.
  11. I saw that bag in the outlet and I was contemplating buying it. The SA came up to me and gave me the lowdown on how fragile the bag was. I was so glad because I am NOT gentle on my bags :smile:
  13. I totally understand your frustration. It sounds like the people you talked to were not very warm and fuzzy.

    However, like the others have said...the scarf print bags are quite fragile.

    Get a leather or a signature Coach and you won't ever think of giving them up again!
  14. Like others have said, you may have just chosen the wrong bag.

    I have an all white bag from 3 years back in similar material. I bought it b/c I liked the shape and it was a pretty cheap price (like $160). I absoluately hate the thing. It literally got dirty every time I used it. I could not take it out a second time with out cleaning it. And b/c I had to clean it, it has that fraying going on that you're talking about. It's definately the color and that stupid material they chose. The leather handle on the bag is still beautiful and Coach like, I just think they didn't make the best choice in creating white bags in such a flimsy material on the bottom.

    All my regular signature bags on the other hand are wonderful. They survive all abuse. My oldest signatnure bag is turing 5 and it looks brand new.
  15. I adore the scarf print and yet this is exactly why I'm skittish about getting one. I almost got a wristlet but thought no, that could snag even worse b/c I would be bringing it in and out of my bag or switching it between bags, yikes.

    Coach needs a more durable scarf print! For now I'll keep my scarf print Coach scarves.