Annoyed w/NM Site - Any way to list all sale items?

  1. I just find it so annoying how Neiman Marcus subcategorizes everything to the Nth degree, even in their sale section! For example:

    Click on "Sale and Values"
    Click on "apparel for her"
    Click on "Tops"
    You would think that would be the end, right? Well, noooo ... then there are EIGHT subcategories in tops, like "embellished," "cashmere," "cardigans," "button front," etc. etc. ad nauseum!!! THEN there are MORE SUBCATEGORIES under EACH OF THOSE SUBCATEGORIES!!!

    Is there any way I can just list ALL THE TOPS on sale!?!?
  2. I too am deeply annoyed at NM. They list tons of merchandise that's not available for purchase. It's like a frikkin bait and switch. I can just see those little gremlins sitting in the customer service center:

    "We got you with this awesome little Miu Miu bag! Ha ha ha! But wait, it's all gone. Too bad, so sad for you!"

    I hope a piano falls on them or something. Pffft.
  3. I am sick of them is a nightmare. That being said I did get some great buys recently but you have to move like lightening.
  4. The website is a little too categorized. I guess it's nice if you're looking for something specific, but it's a pain in the butt to just browse!
  5. I couldn't agree more, the sub-subcategories do seem silly. I was looking at evening dresses the other day. I had to go back and forth a few times to see what was available. Short sleeve. Long sleeve. Strapless? etc. I just wanted the search to show me all the sale evening dresses in my size so I could pick out the one I like best. I gave up and got one from Nordies instead.
  6. What I would like someone to explain is how you find items that are not listed but are on sale. I also noticed that Ill type in lets say juicy and some stuff will come up and then when I look a different way, different juicy items come up. I feel like on their website I never see everything all at once in any catagory I choose.
  7. sooo true....i find something i want and click on it to buy and 'not avail for sale' WHY LIST IT....don't they have computers from this century yet?
  8. by the way I LOVE the bag under your name what is it LOVE LOVE LOVE it!:tup:
  9. Oh, thank you gingarita ... it is a Balenciaga City Magenta '07 limited edition. You can get a similar (lighter) colored Magenta right now in stores ... (the Magenta Spring/Summer '08). The only problem is that the leather on those tends to be "veinier" and you have to be choosy.

    I guess there's a lot to be annoyed about with the NM site. I think I might write up a list of annoyances and email it to them.
  10. I have had the same annoying experiences, I especially hate the "not available " stuff being listed.