ANNOYED! unresponsive seller.

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  1. So i purchased a pair of sunglasses on the bay and payed the 27th of January, I kindly emailed the seller on the topic of when the item would be shipped. In that time frame i didnt recieve any email back, in adition ive sent ebay messages with the same inquiry and again I have not recieved anything. The seller has 4 feedback and now i am regretting my purchase. Can anyone help? The seller states they will ship via UPS ground.
  2. First of all, are you sure they're auth? Most of the sunglasses on eBay are fake.

    I'd wait at least 2 weeks for them to arrive, before contacting the seller again and (if they still didn't reply) filing a dispute for INR. :yes:
  3. thanks chloe for the response,

    i have compared them to my original rayban and they seem pretty legit. The seller offers returns. I am now worried if i indeed recieve a fake, what can i do if this comes to terms?
  4. The problem with most sunglasses is that they're often made in China, now (Safilo was recently charged with re-labling Chinese-made designer sunglasses as Made in Italy!), so the fakes are harder to distinguish and can even be made in the same factory as the auths!

    But Raybans may be OK, I don't know?

    If they do come and you think they're fake, you can always file a SNAD dispute, if the seller won't refund you including original p&p; so, I shouldn't worry too much, at this point.

    I don't know whether eBay/PP would expect you to get them authenticated, though and if so, by whom?

    I'd hope they'd just take your word for it, if you have Raybans which were bought in an authorised store? But I don't know?

    No problem, BTW! :flowers:
  5. If the seller is offering a retun, you should be ok.

    Some sellers just don't let a buyer know when they are shipping.. they just send it

    out.. so wait a few more days and then perhaps e-mail the seller to ask if they were

    shipped..and hope that you are getting what you expect..
  6. I understand why you're annoyed! I hate unresponsive sellers too but the I find that MOST sellers do not let their customers know when they ship out etc. they just do it! Also it takes some sellers especially high volume ones quite some time to answer emails, not that its an excuse for these sellers but it is what i have noticed.