annoyed @ some people's chanel-ignorance!!

  1. ladies, i needed a moment to rant about how annoyed i was today...! of course, my boyfriend didnt understand why i was soooo miffed about it, but i know you all will sympathize w/ mee, so i just had to let it out!!

    so yes... im at work today (i work at a very trendy/high profile boutique in l.a. -where the people are "supposed" to know high end fashion and accessories) and i was chatting w/ a co-worker about how im DYING to get my chanel luxe bowler in black metallic

    and then, two other girls i work w/ interviene and start babbling some anti-chanel noncense -the first says "i dont understand why you like chanel... i wouldnt spend so much money on bags that tons of other people have fakes of" -pretty much telling me i was stupid for paying full price for a bag i could get for less if it was a fake -UGH

    as if that wasnt bad enough... another girl goes on to insult chanel -AND my taste!! i go on to talk about how im still on the hunt for a large white on black cambon reporter, only to have another girl tell me "eww... dont get that, it's tacky... cambon is so hooker-ish"

    i mean, that wouldnt be so bad, but it made me mad because i already own a black/white cambon tote, w/ matching flats!!

    GRRR... this made me sad!! sorry for going on about this -but i'm sure if anyone would understand it'd be my pF gals

    p.s. ONE of the girls has a fake LV, so the joke is really on her... lol

    wow, this was long... sorry!!
  2. i'm sorry to hear that, the main thing is that your happy with your purchases. You don't need anyone commenting on your ignore them, they don't understand the true beauty of chanel or other brands.
    It's understandable you would get upset, but i think thats what they feed off. Just walk away next time, they'll understand you don't want to talk about it.
  3. you know what it sounds like?? JEALOUSY!

    And what kind of girl with CLASS would use the word "hooker-ish". OKKKK, just because you can't afford the real thing doesn't mean you have the right to insult people who can.
  4. um i admitt im not a huge fan of the chanel, i like most of the stuff (and love lagerfield) but i personally dont feel the cc's (i much prefer lv but i guess thats just personal taste) anyway to my point, did you tell these little twits that if chanel never did the things she did, you would be still wearing a corset today, never to even see a pair of trousers and a tan would look "hooker-ish". so you dont have to go out and buy it but respect it becuse it did so much your you as a woman!
  5. ^ nicely said manolo!!

  6. So understand the way u feel. I love Chanel bags.. I love fendi, chloe and Balenciaga 2!! I hate fakes.. and I was soo irritated when a firend made me feel like some kind of bimbo because I spend a small fortune on bags.. Need I mention she was carrying a Fendi B fake that was a really bad fake - and there I was carrying a real Spy. Erghh Fakes are so tacky. What I say is its jealousy. And if I couldnt afford the real thing then I wouldnt aspire to it by carrying a fake. Erghhh

    I love the luxury collection 2. I have the Metalic silver bowler.. its divine.
  7. Definitely jealousy! But not to worry...both you and I know that we (and all the other ladies here) have great taste, style, and class. :yes:
  8. I'd say it's jealousy too. It's hard, I know, but try not to let people like that get to you.
  9. Jen, I totally agree with you. It's al about that "J" word. Jealousy has to be one of the worst feeling a person can have. It makes them say and do things that can be so cruel. I just learned to ignore these kinds of people. Best to just walk away, coz you can't reason with ignorant a** people:rant: :hysteric:
  10. ITA - defintitely jealousy coming from a FAKE bag owner!

    I'm surprised it came out like tha, esp since you all are working in a high end store! Most women who own and wear Chanel are incredibly stylish and classy looking - let's just say that if I could have Anne Hathaway's Chanel wardrobe and those boots in the Devil Wears Prada, I would seriously be on Cloud 9!! (and not look like a hooker!)
  11. It is very 'unclassy' to negatively comment about other people. It shows ignorance and bad upbringing. I am so sorry that you had to encounter this. The trick is to be able to deal with situations like this without compromising yourself. How did you deal with the situation?
  12. "Cambon is hooker-ish" ??? Hahahahahahaheeheeheehee!:lol:

    That is so absurd!
  13. 1.Jealousy
    2. Has no taste
    3. know nothing about designer bags in general

    Don't let their comments get to you, just ignore them.
  14. haha...hookerish? You love Chanel. You have excellent taste. That is all.
  15. " Hooker-ish" ! I have the large wht/ on blk tote and I think it's pure class . It's white and black for goodness sake ! And CHANEL ! Does she think Grace Kelly , Jackie O , and Audrey Hepburn are , um , "hookerish" ? She sounds like a stupid lil tart in my opinion .

    Nice use of the English language BTW , "hookerish" .