Annoyed - sent in my 2 month old flap for repair

  1. I got my medium caviar flap in late September and dropped it off yesterday for repair... Basically on the leather interwoven chain, the stitches on the leather were coming off at the end. The last stitch had come undone (causing the leather end piece to stick up) and the next few stitches were starting to become loose. I could lift the end piece and see the loose thread in between. I decided to send it in before the problem became worse.

    I neglected to take pictures of the problem beforehand. Anyway, I'm annoyed since my LVs are over 1 year old and still in fantastic shape. Plus I've only carried my flap about 5 times so far, so it's not like I've been "hard" on it. I actually noticed the problem a month ago (so the flap was only about 1 month old) but didn't have time to bring it in before leaving the country on vacation.

    At least I don't have to pay for the repair. They said it would take 1-2 weeks. Hopefully the chain will look as good as new when I get it back. I'm still annoyed though, especially having seen other threads about Chanel quality issues!
  2. Sorry to hear about your flap needing repair. Sounds like a quick fix though. At least they will return it to you in 1 or 2 weeks instead of the usual MONTHS it takes for repairs. Im sure you'll get it back good as new!
  3. Probably because they are sending it out to a local repair shop. After all, it only takes one run on the machine to fix it.

    I have a bag with an undone stitch on the handle. I'm waiting for it to get a bit worse before taking it in. Very annoying!
  4. Mikan,

    I had the same exact problem with my flap too just after few months purchasing it.
    I hate to scare you with my experience..but the repair job they did to mine was sooooo bad! I regret till now for not refusing my bag right there and then.:hysteric: (cos who knows they might replaced it with a new one?) It took me 1 month to realised that it's just so bad that I just couldn't avoid looking at it each time.
    So do take your time and thoroughly analyse your bag if they did a good job.
  5. Yeah pretty annoying, mine one also has problems with the leather strap and they dont have a new one to replece it so i got a store credit instead. Bad experience for first time customer but i still like chanel though :p. I am thinking to get the timeless clutch or reissue instead. Never have bad experience in LV for the past 10 years. Yours one should be okay and can be fixed very quickly.
  6. Luckily I live 20 minutes from NYC so I took my medium caviar flap to a high end leather repair place in the City. They took the bag to the back and stitched it up while I waited. Cost me $20. Too bad I got a parking ticket for $80 though :wtf:
  7. Uh oh! I was planning to examine the repair thoroughly -- but now I am going to be extra cautious and slow in examining it. Thanks for the warning!
  8. Sorry to hear about your flap, it makes me worried for mine!
  9. i starting to doubt that chanel actually have a quality control over their bags. I think they just keep produce bags due to the big demand, without ever care to check the quality. remember the new modern chain that has been recalled? but despite all the problems, people are still obsessing the brand.
  10. thats exactly what happened to me too after 2 WEEKS!! and i only carried it ONE time. my flap is now back ( after 4 months ) and it looks fantastic! i was so annoyed of what happened too
  11. On the one hand it makes me feel better hearing other people having the exact same problem, but on the other hand it makes me even more annoyed! What does it say about Chanel quality?

    Thanks pure_honey, I'm glad your bag looks terrific now, but... it took four months to fix?? :wtf:
  12. What recourse do we even have if they do a bad repair job?? :throwup:
  13. yup 4 months to stitch it back.
    but i'm thinking it is because of sending it to paris and there are so many bags there to be repaired.
    still i am annoyed!!

  14. I had a problem with the stitching on my new modern chain tote, bought it in september and only started wearing it for a month and the stitching came loose on the top (where it creates a gusset). Very disappointing, I am going to take it in this week to show the manager. I may wait to have it fixed since it's pretty much a winter bag and don't want to miss using it for 2 months because of this!! I just ordered an outdoor ligne hobo and hope that one hold up better!!
  15. I had a problem with the stitching as well. I got my baby cabas last week and have used it for no more than 5 times. I noticed today that the stitch at the bottom of the bag was coming off. I am VERY disappointed. I thought higher prices = better quality, but I guess this is not always the case.

    My question is how do I send it in for a repair? I've never done this before so could someone please run me through the process? Do I need to bring in the authenticity card and the original receipt? I bought the bag from eBay (as new) so I do not have the original receipt.

    Any help would be much appreciated. TIA!