Annoyed at USPS!

  1. I recently sold a bag and sent it Priority Mail and paid for Delivery Confirmation, Insurance AND Signature Confirmation. It was sent to my buyer's work address. However, the buyer informed me that the bag was simply left on the doorstep of her work and was not signed for by anyone. The tracking info says that it was delivered and "signed for" by [the name of her company, not a person's name], so I'm assuming the postal carrier simply left it there and "signed" for it him/herself. I specifically paid for Signature Confirmation because of the high value of the bag, and am really annoyed that the postal carrier just left it there. It was lucky that the buyer actually got it and that it wasn't stolen. Doesn't the postal service have an obligation to make sure that a package is signed for when the sender pays for Signature Confirmation?? What's the point of paying for Signature Confirmation, if it's just going to be left there? :confused1:
  2. yes i heard of it happened....glad ur buyer got her bag...:tup: sometimes i used FEDEX or UPS for expensive stuff..:yes:
  3. Hmmm, I've never heard of this happening before. I'm trying to relate it to my work set-up and our postman always comes in and hands the mail to the receptionist. I could not imagine him just leaving a package outside. If you could obtain the phone number from the postoffice the package was delivered from, I would call and ask.
  4. That's awful- another reason to ship UPS!
  5. I never trust USPS mailman. I use FedEx for anything above $500. It is much safer.
  6. That happens all the time over here with Royal Mail, unless it's special delivery (high value next day delivery) the posties quite often sign themselves and just leave on a doorstep!!
  7. I'm considering using either FedEx or UPS for high value items from now on. I just don't trust USPS after this. It's too bad because generally I think Priority Mail is really reliable.