Annoyed at SO (rant)


Mommy Extraordinaire
Aug 20, 2006
North Texas
^^He's of the opinion that it's the same if we hurt each other's feelings while having a private conversation, or if we do it in front of other he's like "Haven't you said things that hurt my feelings too?". I'm like "Yeah, but not in front of other people!"

Am I somehow at fault here?
OMG, I use to have this problem with my DH too! He would curse and say all kinds of mean things to me in front of my family as well. I MADE him stop. And believe me, he did. Every now and then he will slip up, but he definently gets told. I dont take it from anyone, why should I take it from the man who is suppose to protect me and all?
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Sylvie Guillem fan
May 10, 2006
So we go visit SOs family for Christmas. My son is jumping around in a happy 7 year old manner..he's pretty well behaved actually, but excited because he's gotten lots of presents. We're sitting in the living room with SOs mom and I tell my son to calm down. SO goes "Well, you're a lackadaisical parent the rest of the time and telling him to behave himself now isn't going to work..."

I'm immensly pissed off. Why did he have to call me a lackadaisical parent in front of his mom?

I would tell the Mom F*** You and leave.

Pack the car + son and drive away.

If my BF didn't back me, he's gone too.

"Stand by your woman" should be a hit song.

I am so angry on your behalf!!!!


Apr 24, 2006
OMG my husband has yet to grasp that smae concept that there are things we say to each other in rpivate that are not open for discussion in public especially around distrusting family


Plisse Me!
Feb 4, 2006
SF Bay Area
I have a theory. My hubby says passive-aggressive things only when his family is around, not any other time. I think it's men's weird way of showing that they are the MAN. It's a bizarre way of saying "I do this, I do everything, Watch me strut my stuff!" Of course, our initial instinct is to stomp the cr*p out of them, but they are protected because we're in public and our better judgement registers in our brain.

I don't think he said it because he was being malicious, it probably didn't even register to him on how it would be perceived. Talk to him in private and kick him in the you know what... I had to do that, hubby behaves much better now. Just like we have a time of the month, I think guys have that too, and in that period, they're destined to say something stupid. Usually, if I take that attitude and he does, it doesn't bother me as much because I know he was due for one.

EDIT: Wow, I just read this and wonder if I'm coming across horribly! My apologies if so.