Annoyed at Nordstroms SA

  1. **LONG RANT**
    I purchased this Burberry black quilted jacket with silver snap buttons. [​IMG]
    around the end of December. It was not available online so customer service called around and finally found one for me. It arrived very quickly and I was :smile:. After about a month, in the end of January I noticed that the silver buttons were starting to change colors. Some were turning an orangey color, not sure if it was rust or not. SOOO i brought it back to my local Nordstroms, and the SA put a credit back onto a gift card and told me she will call around and let me know. She calls me back and told me she found the jacket in PA (Im in VA) and that it will be sent out right away. This was 1/29. So I waited a few days, and went downstairs of my apartment building everyday to check if my new jacket had arrived. (the apartment's office signs for packages) AND now today its 2/6 and still no jacket this morning. I then called Customer service, and finally the SA found the tracking for my jacket. She told me it had ARRIVED already, I was like :confused1::confused1::cursing:, I had been checking everyday, and nope, nothing. So then I asked her what apartment number was on the package. She told me she didn't have that information and had to call DHL for me. So I wait for her to call DHL, and finally she tells me it was sent to APT 5. My apartment is 510!! The SA who sent the package had written it wrong. So I go downstairs and ask the receptionist about my package and show her tracking. She looks through all the packages they have and finally she found one that was "unclaimed" And she told me since there was no APT 5, they were just about to SEND IT BACK. :cursing: According to the tracking it was sent on 1/29 and arrived on 2/1 !!! All this time, I've been waiting and it was right there. So I open the box, SO EXCITED!! and come to see that my jacket has gold buttons. I wanted the silver. :tdown: boooo

    MAN after all this trouble, would it be too much of a hassle to ask for silver??
    I don't want to seem like a pain but man ......... :tdown: don't feel like doing this again
    What would you do??
  2. Go back to your local Nordstrom, and get your $$$ back. I have never had a problem returning anything to them, and they will give you cash or put it on any of your credit cards, no matter which one you paid with. By the time you find the jacket you want, it will be too warm to wear it. Sorry this happened!
  3. that sucks. definitely exchange it for the one you want.
  4. I think you should go back and get the one that you wanted all along!

    If possible, avoid dealing with the same SA, she sure sounds unhelpful.

    I hope you have another jacket to wear in the meantime! Not sure about where you are but it's freezing cold here...

    Anyway, yes, go back and get the jacket with SILVER buttons.
  5. I'm so sorry you've had to put up with all of this :sad: I would definitely exchange it or get my money back, you shouldn't have to "settle" because of their mistakes! Esp for the prices we are paying, you deserve better!
  6. Def. return the jacket, but I'd try to find out more details about why the buttons changed color. Was it that one jacket, or will all jackets with those buttons do it?
  7. Good question... maybe the sa didn't even know about the different colours or maybe Burberry made a certain amount of these jackets and since they sold so well, they produced more of them but ran out of silver buttons...
    Regina :confused1:
  8. LOL, you certainly have been running around in circles. I would tell the SA and have her make the switch. is the Nordstroms in the same area as you? well take it directly there...
  9. Def. take it back. When working with designer merch, your SA should have enough knowledge to know enough about the product to get you what you wanted. I have a question though, why did she give you a gift card? You should have credited the jacket back to a credit card and then recharged it... They offer gift cards becuase they want the money to be kept in store, but that's not fair. Your product was defective.