Annoyed at my house help (Long Post)

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Sep 12, 2006
Yesterday I went to my mum's house to learn how to make Teriyaki Sauce. :heart: She told me that some of my clothes are still with her from my vacation last Christmas. I told her I was going to bring it home. She put it in her new Speedy 30 and told me to take good care of the bag since it's new. :wlae: We're both kinda addicted to bags lol. :graucho: I said I'll take care of it with all my heart and return it next week. I went home and unpacked the bag's contents and put it on top of my table. I fell asleep then my dad called up and told me we were going to the grocery to get some sundries and stuff for the house. I told my maid to fix my clothes and left. When I came back I was wondering where the hell was my mum's bag. I asked the maid and she said it was inside my duffle bag. OMG SHE PUT IT IN MY DIRTY DUFFLE BAG, CLOSED IT, AND PUT A PAPER BAG ON TOP OF THE DUFFLE!:cursing: I literally screamed at her why she did that. My dad was asking what the fuss was about I told him That she put my mum's bag in a dirty duffle. My dad took sides with me because he, of course, knows how to appreciate luxury goods. My maid kept on saying sorry. I said it's ok just DON'T DO IT EVER AGAIN. It gave the bag wrinkles on the canvas and a slight fold on the leather piping. Currently it's sitting inside my closet on top of my clothes and has a clean towel inside to take off the wrinkles on the piping and on the canvas. I just don't know how I'll give it back to my mum though. Maybe next week? I'll use it one time lol. :P


Aug 11, 2006
well, maids know nothing about luxury items unless you tell them about it. i have educated mine re my bags, what not to do, etc. maybe you should explain to your maid what she should do with regards to your luxury items. hope things work out for the best!!!


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Oct 30, 2006
Probably your maid is not in a financial category to know the value of LV, she thought she was just tidying up I am sure, doing her job. try to make allowances for her, the creases will come out. All LV Speedy come folded now with creases. Tell her politely how to deal with your luxury items from now on then she will know.
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