Annoyed at Macys

  1. Just venting a little, but please let me know if I'm being unreasonable...

    I went home for my bridal shower recently. Most of the guests were really considerate - they knew I'd be flying home, and brought small, lightweight gifts, cash or gift cards. However, I did receive several sets of dishes and lead crystal items. I packed as much as I could, and then took the remaining items back to Macys so that I could re-buy them at home instead of lugging them across the country or paying shipping. Apparently, their policy is that gift registry returns have to be refunded by store credit, even though all but 1 or 2 items had been paid for in CASH, and had the gift receipts and sale confirmation bar codes. All of the items were brand new, and the boxes had not been opened.

    I was so frustrated! Normal returns for items paid for in cash would have been refunded in cash. But since they were registry items, that all changed. So now I have all these gift cards and not much left on the registry, while my other registry at a different store has hardly been touched! I could have used the $$$ for the expensive wine glasses we wanted in the other store, etc.

    I would have liked to tell the SA where to shove her registry, but I figured that wouldn't get me anywhere, so I was nice.

    Nordstrom really needs a housewares department.
  2. Thanks for the article! I wondered what might be going on - there were 2 stores in one of the malls here, but 1 is having a big liquidation sale. I thought it might have just been the after Christmas junk sale, but it's still going on...
  3. you may be able to sell the gift cards, probably for 90% of their value. i did it with some cards to a store i never shop at, i sold them on eBay..the money went into my paypal account. so you take a loss, but if cash is really what you want....
  4. Thanks, gucci. I'm not that set on getting cash. I just felt like I was directing a lot of business their way - 200+ wedding invitations, showers, etc., and they should have showed their appreciation in a little better manner..
  5. Eh...i hate Macys. I dont shop there period, even when there's a sale. I agree Nordstrom needs to expand! I love thier customer service.
  6. I'm voting for unreasonable. You said you were going to re-buy the stuff you received when you got home. What's the problem with the gift cards then?

    Additionally, you registered for the stuff. The guests who came to your shower were gracious enough to choose the items that you requested, and you want to return them for cash? Sounds ungrateful.
  7. The problem is that I don't think it's right for a store to basically trap people into spending $$$ with them. If a store offers full refunds in cash on brand new, unused items purchased with cash that are returned within their stated period, I think they should honor it whether the items were picked from a registry or not. I understand that it's a liability to the store to issue cash for items purchased with a check or credit card because of bad checks and credit card chargebacks, but if they received green money for something, I think they should be willing to give it back.

    The bottom line is that stores make millions every year from unused gift cards, store credits, rebates and the like. I understand business as well as anyone, but I think this is taking advantage.
  8. Maybe you should've asked (nicely) to speak to a manager? Sometimes they can bend the rules a little...
  9. True - it does sometimes work. If I had needed the cash, I would have. I just was aggravated because I thought it was bad customer service. I'm not someone who takes advantage of return policies - I know some people do and I know stores have to compensate for that, but I think they should also keep in mind which practices will bring people back. It just really soured me on the whole experience with Macys, and really made me re-think shopping there or recommending other newly engaged couples or expectant moms to register there.
  10. I think often when you have a gift receipt you get a store credit doesn't matter how the other person paid, if you want the real $ back you have to have the original receipt, not the giftt one... just my experience, and not just at Macys. Some stores, Nordstrom, and from what I hear for registries, Bed, Bath and Beyond, are super flexible.

    But I don't like Macy's anyway:p
  11. yes, did you have gift receipts or original receipts? I think it's standard policy at most stores to issue store credit for returns made with a gift receipt. Nordstroms is the exception. Do you have an account with Macy's? I used to ask them to put it on my macy's credit card account, and if I couldn't find anything I liked, after a bill cycle, I could request the negative balance as a check.
  12. i know at many stores i have seen, that gift receipts you get store credit, not cash even if thats how they paid. Also, its not the SA's fault that this is the stores policy. Sorry i have gotten yelled at many times by customers at my work over this when it came to gift receipts. Though our gift receipts state that if you return an item with it, you will be refunded a gift card... All I can think of you to do is ask who bought them for you either send the actual receipt or a copy of it. I know our computer wont even let a manager by pass it. But sometimes they will ring up the gift card, buy something with it, return it press the magical button swipe the card and can refund you however you like, but its only on a very rare occasion will they do this(like when the store is at fault for a mistake, like not giving a customer their receipt..)