Annoyed at jealous reactions

  1. Tonight, I got contacted out of the blue by one of my old ICQ contacts and it turned out to be his wife, "investigating" who the hell I was.

    Now, while OK, one might want to know who (read: who the females are) is on the husband's contact list, there are other ways to do than demand an answer then proceed to ignore the person who talked, without even have acknowledged recieving the answer. This guy is an online gaming buddy whom I hadn't talked to in yonks. :suspiciou

    I'm female but I simply can't understand that kind of reaction. It pisses me off when male friends get girlfriends/wives who proceed to go apesh*t over the fact that one of their buddies is female. :mad:
    Why does everyone always assume things about women their boyfriend/husband knows?

    I have mostly male friends and I am getting paranoid of losing good friends because the girls won't be able to handle the fact that I'm a girl AND the friend of the guy.

    Does anyone else feel this way or am I an alien from planet Not-a-Clue? :hrmm:
  2. you are definitely not an alien.. i lost a good guy friend becuz his gf didn't like me due to the fact that i got promoted at work faster than her.. lame.. but o well..
  3. I think a lot of women are extremely insecure and jealous. This woman had no reason to talk to you that way. Instead of harassing you maybe she should talk to her hubby??

    I've seen women like that before. Because of their insecurities and jealousy they automatically assume the worst.
  4. Or maybe hubby has given her reason to think he's fooling around and she's trying to track down evidence?
  5. I can see your point, but I never much liked it when I was with a guy and he had girls for freinds. I guess, it all depends on the guy and how he acts.
  6. She might have good reason to suspect him of having an affair and is just trying to narrow down who with?

    Or, she might be a fruitloop!

    Either way, long-term? She's the loser. ;)

  7. pseub, I can appreciate that but talking in a nasty/off-hand/demand-then-ignore way to random people you don't know is no way to act, even if you're having suspicions that your husband is cheating on you. :evil:

    That excuse that gets trotted out time and again. The only person who should have to pay for fooling around with another woman is the person doing it, not random female friends :mad:

    I've never given reason for the wives and girlfriends to be suspicious, tried to behave decently, even nicely to them (not forcing a friendship, just friendly) and all I ever get is that, even when I am myself attached and not looking to be otherwise.

    purselova34, that's precisely my point. Generic assumptions that girls and guys can't be friends or that the girl will have an ulterior motive. I'm not one to have many girls as friends, as I'm not a girly-girl and have (apart from the purses) little in common with other girls/women. In fact, I have 90% guys-friends. It would piss me off to lose friends because of other people's insecurities.
  8. You are NOT an alien from Planet Not-A-Clue! There are many insecure women out there that get scarily possessive when it comes to their bf/hubby having female friends. I have a few "psycho biatches" girl friends who do daily/weekly investigations on their bfs. They will regularly check the guy's emails, cell phone call lists and voicemails, hack into their hard drives (to see if the guy searches porn on the internet), search their closet and cars, etc. Then they will come up with some bizzare theory that their bf must be cheating on them with so-and-so because they heard a female voice message. When my friends proudly update me with their weekly "reports," I find it quite disturbing that their insecurity and low self esteem will push them to this level. Even if I try to consult them, they will not listen because this is just how they are. I find it quite sad that these girls have to live like this and I feel bad for their bfs as well. Sometimes I just want to smack them silly and tell them to get a life or a new self esteem. :suspiciou
  9. ***hugs***

    ppl are just insecure etc... its okies, we all know you're a good person and the fact is that if you wanted to jump someones bones you would of done it ages ago!

    dont worry too much about it :smile: ***hugs***
  10. Maybe he's fooling around with her because she's like that in everyday life - rude, offhand, abrupt? :lol:

    If the anger's gnawing at you, work out all the judgements around it - eg:
    o "I feel judged as (whatever) by you feeling you can be so rude to me"
    o "I judge you as (whatever) for doing this."

    Anger can really gnaw at your insides, if you find yourself thinking about this a lot just untangle the judgements and it will help. :idea:

  11. Perja, Yer just too damn sexy for your own good!
    Ignore the whack job, her problem, now his!:wacko:
  12. More of the reasons why I always tell my dear little bro to STAY AWAY from psycho biatch girlfriends! :lol:
  13. I feel for you. been there, done that. consequently, I've gone through many friends over the years and have weeded out the compatibly undisirables in my life. My set of friends are all of the same mindset as me; tom-boys who are still quite feminine who have guy friends and boyfriends/husbands who understand (who also have friends that are female!)

    It takes time and a lot of frustration but you'll eventually end up with a set of friends who are all like-minded and hopefully won't have to go through that crap again (or at least not as often!)
  14. Perja, what game do you play? :smile:
  15. that's what I think ... and then maybe she felt embarassed so just ignored you.