annoyed about gucci sunglass purchase

  1. Hey everyone,
    I've never posted on this board before, but I'm so bothered by this that I had to ask...I purchased a pair of sunglasses from a Gucci boutique a couple of weeks ago, but they didn't have a sunglass case that would fit the ones that I bought.

    The lady ended up giving me two cases- a hard one that's too small for the glasses (i.e. it won't shut all the way when my glasses are inside), and a soft case...this one shuts but I feel like I'm cramming the shades inside the case because it's barely big enough- I'm worred that I'll eventually end up accidentally breaking the glasses while trying to get it in there.

    Is it normal for them to carry glasses that they don't have proper cases for, and if not, is there something I can do about it at this point? Am I crazy for dwelling on this?

    At first I didn't mind too much but the more I think about it, the more it's annoying me. The sunglasses weren't exactly cheap so I want a case that I can keep it in without worrying about breaking them!

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. hum, don't know about gucci, but i've never had a problem like that w/ chanel. sounds pretty shoddy to me... i'm sure someone else on this boad will be of more help, but i just had to put my 2cents in. good luck, for the price of designer glasses they should def. give you a case that fits.
  3. Ugh thanks...I should've said something then, but it really didn't start bugging me until about a week ago. I wonder iif another store might have different case options than the one where I made the purchase, and whether they'd give it to me for free.
  4. If I were you I would definitely go back return both the cases that didn't fit and insist they get me a case. Even if they have to order it in and I have to wait.
  5. Yeah, that's nonsense that they didn't give you the right case.

    I would go back and try every darn case in the boutique!
  6. That's insane. I would ask them to get me a case. I'm pretty sure there is one in the company. I brought some sunglasses from NM Last Call yesterday and they had the Gucci cases for it. I would speak with a manager.
  7. Thanks for replying everyone...I'm going to try going back to the store this weekend and hopefully they'll order me something new. I think I've become obsessed b/c I'm already getting angry in advance thinking about the possibility that they'll say too bad, there's nothing we can do, haha.
  8. def go back...but if u dont mind, where did you get them from? because if it is anywhere that is kind of like a sale center (last fifth etc) they dont nessarly have them and they have no qualms about just accepting your return and calling it a day...know what i mean? they are giving it to you for such a great price that they dont care

    but if it was actually from niemans or Saks then for sure take it back! :smile: but if they wont give you a case i say just forget it because honestly gucci glasses are more resilent then you may think! i have a few pairs and they last a SUPER long time *knock on wood* ive even gone tubing and drunken fests in them and they are perfectly fine...exept for one pair that my bf lost!! hehe
  9. thats mad!!!
    i bought a pair of gucci sunglasses last year and they gave me a case that seemed to big for them, but a case that does not even close is madness, how are you ment to protect them.
    take them back and say your not happy!
  10. I bought them at an actual Gucci store, so no Woodbury-type discounts or anything. I'll take everyone's advice and try going back there. If they won't do anything about it, I'll still be pissed but I'm glad to know they're pretty sturdy :smile:.
  11. if its from a gucci boutiqe DEF take it back!!! at the least they can ORDER a case foryou!!!! gesh what the heck!
  12. Actually I should've asked this before, but I no longer have the receipt...will this be a problem? :confused1:
  13. I tried calling the store and they told me that the company itself doesn't have the hard cases in stock...apparently there are a lot of "big" sunglasses in style right now and there's a shortage everywhere on hard cases that will fit them, not just at the particular store I went to. That's why they've basically been giving out the soft cases.

    That's what the lady told me anyway. It sounds a little weird to me that none of the gucci stores would have hard cases to fit the larger shades, but whatever...if that's what they're saying, I don't think I'm going to bother going back to the store in person.

    If anybody knows of a way for me to somehow get the hard case, please post! :nogood: But I think I'm just going to stop dwelling on this.
  14. Can they take your name and put you on a wait list or something?
  15. The lady did put my name on a waitlist, but she couldn't give me even a vague estimate of how long I'd have to wait (e.g. days, weeks, months). She said I'd only be able to get the case if at all from that particular store (since that's where I made the purchase), but problem is that I'm moving out-of-state and to another country in December. I asked her what my chances are of getting the case anytime in the near future and her response was, "Honestly? Slim." :sad: