Annoyance with purchase..

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  1. I bought a OP Art Sophia from a seller on Bonanaza on the 12th and she still has not shipped. She emailed me about how my address is not confirmed then emailed about my name not matching the paypal name because its under my husbands name. How long would you wait until you told her to just cancel because she seems to be really drawing out the process! Her page says she ships within 3-4 business days...
  2. I would wait, it sounds that she's being safe because there are a lot of scammers out there.
  3. I can understand the address. But when it comes to the name part that annoyed me. My husband and I have the same last name... I would have assumed spouses name.. I just didn't think it would take a week.. :sad:
  4. Is she waiting for you to confirm your address? What is she asking you to do? If she has a problem with your name and address (which is understandable. Paypal requires this to protect the seller), she should be refunding your money. You need to message her and ask that if she isn't going to ship it out, then she needs to refund your payment and cancel the transacion.
  5. Would contact the seller to find out if there is a holdup on sending out your item
    and if there is what exactly is it??
  6. yeah girl I know how it feels. I hate when it takes forever to get shipped -_- It makes me want to cry. Hopefully this gets resolved and you get your bag asap.
  7. She asked for the address to mail it to, though its already on the paypal account and the bonanza account.

    She messaged me today saying she will be mailing it out and providing tracking. I just wish she looked over this and asked last week instead of waiting a couple of days to ask about it.
  8. Exactly! Lol! i hate waiting a long time for things to get shipped out. Fortunately I got my new purse from the coach factory sale from last week on Tuesday. So I do have a new baby to enjoy right now.
  9. Some sellers did get scammed for buyers requesting to ship to another adress (aka not primary/paypal confirmed) its understandable the sellers protecting herself. but if it takes too long and you dont feel like you need the item 100% then just ask for refund :smile: Bonanza has a really nice service team. Unfortunately I've had 2 horrible buying experiences out of 4 :sad: so I havent been on there lately.
  10. Oo that's so cool! What purse did you get? I'm going to the coach factory outlet today! haha crossing my fingers and toes for something amazing! :biggrin:
  11. happy coach shopping
  12. It was the same address on both accounts. She messaged me today saying she would be shipping it out today.
  13. I got this bag:,0,190,246_.jpg

    I dont have a picture of it yet. It's a great size and I wanted a navy blue purse since I decided I will be sticking to just Coach. I hope you found something amazing!
  14. Love it! (: haha I didn't find anything but I did go to the Juicy Couture outlet and picked up a bracelet (::smile:
  15. I love Juicy Couture! I wish I lived close to the outlets still!