Annoyance with Longchamp

  1. Is anyone else annoyed by the fact that the new colored Longchamp seem to have a "white" interior?

    I am kind of addicted to Longchamp and have been faithfully using their totes since 2000. I purchased another Le Pliages tote two days ago in grey. When I got home, I opened the tote to put my things in there and realized that the bag must have been a return because a) there was a piece of tape inside with something written on it in ink and b) the ink BLED onto the white interior. I took it back to Nordstrom last night.

    I have quite a few totes in the Le Pliages line. I don't remember the last time I purchased one, but it's the first time that I've noticed the interiors being lined in white.

    Just wanted to vent.... :yucky:
  2. They're lined in white? That's not good. The whole practicality point was that the lining would be such color that it wouldn't show scuffing and stains.
  3. I believe the lining varies by the outside color. The darker the outside, the darker the lining.

    My navy tote is lined in black, my red tote lined in tan, and my white tote lined in white.

  4. Oh boy why in the world would they choose white. I boggles the mind.
  5. I love that my black tote is lined in black. Why don't they just line them in the color of the bag? It seems like we're paying enough for a nylon tote (well, with a tin bit of leather). Weird.
  6. I personally like a white/light interior. Its easier to find things in the bag.
  7. That's probably true. I've bought two Longchamps recently, and the grey (light grey, I might add) one does indeed have white lining (which doesnt really bother me. Yet anyway) but the darker one doesn't.
  8. I just got a terracotta one (orangey red) and it has a white lining. I actually like the white lining, because I got the large size and use it as a bookbag and I can actually see everything in there because it contrasts with the bag.
  9. Light colored linings are actually easier to see into. Because the light color will bounce light back up at you.. even it it is only a little bit... I totally prefer lighter colored linings.