Announcing TC: The First Year - A TC/TPF Exclusive Deal

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  1. Introducing a Tuesday's Child - Purse Forum Members Exclusive Deal!
  2. Does this apply o infants already born? ie: my 6 month old daughter?
  3. Sure does! You don't actually have to make an official announcement on TPF, the point is that you had a baby ;)
  4. Yay! And it applies to sale items???
  5. you are pushing it! :smile:

    Lemme think overnight what additional discounts we can do on sale items...

  6. Hiya:

    OK. We will do another 10% Off the total order after its tabulated on sale items. So if its originally 100 dollars, then marked down to 50 we will take another 10% off the 50. (Not 60% but 10% off the 50 which comes out to about 55% Off.)

    Just mentioned the "The First Year" Discount in the comments box.