Announcing New Flickr Photo Group: Post Your LVs!

  1. Hi all,
    Taking this thread a step further:, I started a Flickr photo group where we can all post lovely pics of our fabulous LVs. That way, we can all see photos in one place and watch the album grow :nuts:. It can also be searchable via keywords (for photos already assigned), i.e. if you search for "pomme", you'll find pics with pomme :graucho: Come join (it's free) and participate!
    Flickr: The tPF Post Your LVs Here! Pool
    :heart: iChelle
    P.S. Wouldn't it be nice to make this a sticky? :smile:
  2. This is GREAT! And it can be easier to view!

    Can't wait for more tpfer to JOIN!!!
  3. I'm a member! I'll join in a few.
  4. great idea!!!!
  5. yayyy guys! :smile: come on in and post!

    p.s. thank you mods for making this a sticky! :heart:
  6. I love Flickr. It's really an incredibly useful and cool photo site, one of my favorite web sites, period. You can find pics of almost anything! And I was surprised that before this, there was actually no LV group!

    Oh and one cool thing I discovered last night, if you have your picture set to "private" in your photostream, you can still add it to the group and it will only be viewable to members of the group.
  7. :yes: love that feature! glad you joined, jane!
  8. great idea! I'll post mine soon!
  9. woot! come on in guys! :smile:
  10. ichelle....I got your PM....I will join this weekend and start uploading my collection!
  11. yaaaaaayy! i can't wait to see your pics, twiggers! :balloon:
  12. Add me guys! Just got an account and like 1 pic at Flickr!
  13. hi sophia! we'd love to have you! pm me your email! :balloon:
  14. So its going to be a private group??

    The thing is Flickr is blocked in my country.. (don't ask why because I seriously have no idea) and I can only access it via uni campus..
  15. Ah no, it's not private at all! All you need is a Flickr/Yahoo account. I never heard of Flickr being restricted =\ Regardless, PM me your email address and I will send you an invite :smile: