Announcing a big change...guess what "they" are?

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  1. **drumroll**

    please welcome my graduation gifts! :wlae:

    went to south coast plaza today..was in the store for a long time..had a lot of help from shauna..she's a real sweet lady..and showed me bags until i was satisfied..her customer service was real good!

    i looked at the red epi speedy 25, mini lin speedy 30, monogram lockit PM, monogram regular batignolles, black epi montaigne PM, vernis roxbury drive in perle, vernis reade PM in perle, damier duomo and damier hampstead PM and MM.

    i took my name off the waitlist for damier hampstead PM. for some reason i didn't like it's too big as a handheld and too small as a shoulder bag for me..the MM was nicer, but it was still too big for my needs. plus, when i look at it on my shoulder in front of a mirror, the hard base sticks out, in my opinion the measurements are bit too wide at the base as a shoulder bag..

    tell me i've gone crazy!!! none of the damier bags appealed to me apart from the duomo. but i figured i'll get that later..i wanted to get something that was different from my current collection as a graduation gift so that it would be special! plus..with the price for the duomo, i got 2 bags! :yahoo:

    i've been quiet lately because of my graduation and i started a new job, moved, etc....what a way to remember the special event! :rolleyes:

    ok..this is getting too im going to present...


    i ended up with...**drumroll** :nuts:

  2. show it show it! lol. congrats on your graduation!

    is the hampstead out?
  3. You got two brown bags for a graduation gift? Aww...
  4. how do i change the sizes of the come i can't do it?

  5. :nuts: WHAT are doing here??

    :lecture: Get back to H at once!
  6. here they are~
  7. wow!:yahoo: i'm incredibly happy for you, but very surprised i do not see any damier!:shrugs:
    congrat! you deserve it!:woohoo:
  8. ooh they're beautiful!!

    omg how did you find me? :wtf:
  9. more pics of the mini lin speedy 30..


    im so in love with this color!!! :heart:
    3.jpg 5.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg
  10. Gorgeous bags & congrats on your graduation!
  11. Congrats!
  12. more pics of the batignolles...
    4.jpg 6.jpg
  13. it's available for viewing...but wont be for sale until april 1st..i do admit that the inventeur plaque looks really good on damier..

  14. ooh i can't wait to see it....
  15. i knew u'd be the first one to say this!! haha...i know..i think only duomo will be the last one on my list for happy with what i have!

    thanks! :graucho: