Announcement!! PLEASE READ

  1. Hey all!

    I know that I posted about doing a clean up- and that is still going to be done (we have just been REALLY busy).

    But I also wanted to bring a few things to your attention:

    - Please read the forum rules. I know most people never do, but please read them. Many rules are being broken right now in this sub forum.

    - There is no buying, selling, trading on the forum. So please do not post that you have "x bag for sale or that you want to trade". From now on we will delete those threads.

    - There is also no linking to other forums or communities. This is just a rule of thumb on most forums- and we adhere to this rule. I see many Live Journal links that are going up to another community, those actually are not allowed. From now on those will be taken out.

    That is all for now, but I wanted to remind you all of these rules and let you all know what we do and do not allow.

    Thanks for your cooperation- it helps things keep running smoothly!

    :heart: Megs
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