Announcement: I learned today...

  1. I actuall do have some self control left!!!!!:yahoo:

    Today, I went to pick up a little orange box (with something very pretty inside!) and lo and behold, something called my name softly from within the glass cabinet!!!!!:supacool:

    A little something green! Oh, it was so pretty! A vert anis togo retourne kelly in 32cm. Alas, I tried it on, and tried it on in a different mirror, and tried it on in yet a third. But, for some reason, it did not fill my heart with joy in a certain way. Then I realized it had brown stitching. Too dark for me. It almost looked chartreuse with the brown stitching. So, very sadly, I gave her back to go to another less picky home!

    But, it was great to know I can say no to a kelly or birkin bag in the flesh, lol!!!! As of this week I was starting to think I was a lost cause.

    So...I only came home with 1 box...
  2. Well.... what was in the box! I am going nuts over here:p
  3. Good on you!
    But - Whats in the box????
  4. Something pretty....shiny...and I'm just loading the photo... hang in there!
  5. Almost there...
  6. Gosh, that vert anis Kelly is on the top of my list... I love the brown stitching!!
  7. It is really really pretty! Just not the right one for me.

    Okay, the photo is almost ready. Thirty seconds! lol.
  8. Super cute!!!
  9. [​IMG]
  10. thanks sunny freckles! i've always like this style and when i saw it in white, i thought it was stunning. very summery and the gold just flatters the white like nothing i've seen in the other beautiful colors they make! i had to wait for this one, too. there were not many.
  11. Fantastic!! Congratualtions!
  12. Thanks, CB! It's so versatile I think...
  13. This is just the perfect can't miss!
  14. I never thought of getting it in white before...the other colors they make are soo pretty! but my photos don't do it justice. it's fresh, fresh, fresh!!!