Annoucement! (Don't laugh at me...I had to share)

  1. :yes: I feel like I hit the lotto...:yes:

    My SA called me and told me she did not forget about me or my list of wishes. She was just returning my call from nearly 2 weeks earlier. Actually, I was at the point of giving up on a phone call back.

    I swear when I saw her number appear I thought for a second she was calling to tell me my bag came in. Silly me....could I be that lucky???

    Some of you are so lucky...
  2. KB I give you a lot of credit for being patient!! Some are lucky and some make our own "luck" so to speak by buying from great it consignment or e-bay...You will have the story of a lifetime to tell when you do get that bag!!!
  3. KB - I'm in (almost) the same waiting pattern as you now....I told my SA that I wanted that combo Bolide, and now I have to wait, too....UGH!

    I'm so glad she finally called you back - you have the patience of a saint!
  4. Kellybay, this can only mean good things in the HOPEFULLY NEAR future!
  5. Kellybag, I think that's good news. Since she calls you back specifically about your list, that means she is on the lookout for it.

  6. Hey, this is proof positive to never give up. Keep hanging in there. And I'm sending up a special prayer (hey, prayer works for EVERYTHING!) for you that you get the bag of your dreams soon. You deserve it. :shame:
  7. Kellybag, considering the history with your boutique, this is progress!
  8. Thank you everyone for your super kind words, good wishes, and prayers....BUT...hermesgroupie...your comment made me laugh!!!:lol:
  9. I get excited about my SA calling too, even though he only called to say he didn't forget about me, they just haven't gotten the bag yet... So you're not alone!
  10. I think that is nice of them to do to let you know that you have not been forgotten. I know they know how hard it can be for the women to wait and not hear anything.
  11. EEK! :shocked:My heart would have been in my mouth (as mom used to say). Well...a phonecall to say you are remembered is a GREAT thing. Of course " your bag is in" is better, but that will come! :yes:
  12. Yes! The fact that you were called means your SA is making every effort to keep you in the loop about progress. S/he's also keeping their memory fresh on which customers leave good impressions.

    In my former line of work, when I called reviewers and they expressed interest (or disinterest) in reviewing our books, I always remember the interested ones and kept them in the "active" file. The ones that express disinterest, I kept in a "doubtful" file. (Well, it was really labeled MISC. .. LOL)

    So Kellybag, let's just say you are most definitely in the "ACTIVE" file!!
  13. KB, that is great! Good luck!
  14. YEAH KB!!!! I just know your birkin is going to be here sooner than you think!
  15. KB, at this point, I think you need to visit the store as often as you can - even once a month. ou don't necessarily have to buy anything. Just stay fresh in your SA's mind and, really, you just never know what may turn up on the shelves. Keep at it, girl!