Anniversary trip and small reveal

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  1. Gorgeous bag
  2. congrats!! cute!!😃 ps. love the kitty!!😍
  3. Thanks everyone ! Can't figure out how to multi quote after the update lol. He's the sweetest boyfriend ever not many men would sit for three hours and listen to conversations just about bags :smile: can't wait to use my mini pochette ! Wish I'd gotten her sooner 😁😁😁
  4. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful day. A new LV chosen by your sweetie and a trip to the Harry Potter studios? This would be one of my favorite days too!

    Bigs congrats. Oh, and love that kitty too! :heart::kitty:
  5. Nice Mini pochette, and such a cute kitty.

  6. Wish I could have snatched that kitty !

  7. Thanks 😁 that cat was too cute 😊
  8. Happy Anniversary, enjoy your trip and your new Pochette!
  9. Congrats and happy anniversary!!
  10. Congrats!!!
  11. congrats!
  12. Aww I love all of the photos! Happy Anniversary! :biggrin:
  13. Aww sweet story! Congrats on the bag and anniversary!
  14. Happy Anniversary and it sounds like you and your boyfriend had an amazing trip. Love your pochette and the cake and champagne were a very nice touch. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Congrats.
  15. Congratulations!