Anniversary Shopping in Disney World

  1. We are planning a trip to Orlando in the next couple of weeks. We'll be there over the Fourth of July and our anniversary. DH has promised to take me LV shopping to get something special for an anniversary present. We'll be visiting the Mall at Millenia.

    The problem is that I can't make up my mind on what I should get. (I already have a mono speedy, azur speedy, and mono cabas piano. I also just bought a wallet in noisette vernis.) I don't want to spend a fortune. My limit is around $1500.

    Please help me decide. All opinions are welcome.
    1. Vernis Roxbury (amarante, pomme, noisette)
    2. Damier Ribera
    3. Epi Jasmin (cannelle, ivoire, black)
    4. Mono Denim Neo Speedy

    I like them all and want them all!!! Help!
  2. I love my Pomme Roxbury and my Black Jasmin those were both two of my top pics so I would go with one of those!
  3. I was thinking how nice the ivoire Jasmin would look with the noisette. However, the hardware is silver-toned on the new Jasmin and gold-toned on the noisette wallet (whichever one it is). Otherwise, I'd probably go with the pomme roxbury. Sooo gorgeous!
  4. I wasn't thinking about the hardware.

    I really like the Roxbury, but I'm wondering how much I'd use it. I think I'd use the Jasmin more. I just don't know!!!
  5. hmm.

    An Ivoire jasmin would be SO BEAUTIFUL, and a pomme roxbury would be hot too! Maybe you could get a shoulder bag, b/c you have two handheld speedies already? So yay roxbury?
  6. I'm starting to lean toward the roxbury. Plus it's under $1000 and I could then get an accessory. Now I just have to think about a color.

    We leave next Thursday so I only have a week to decide.
  7. as much as i love my pomme roxburry, it doesnt really practical for me though..

    my pick would be IVOIRE JASMIN :drool: :drool:

    good luck with ur choice and let us know what u ended up getting..
    and happy anniversary :heart:
  8. im more of a roxbury and denim kind of girl. that rox is so classy and fun, the denim is relaxed yet classy.

    what suits you better?
  9. I guess my real problem is that I want EVERYTHING on my wishlist. I just have to decide which one I want first. I'm thinking the Roxbury for summer. It just seems to be calling my name right now.
  10. OT but I was at Mall of Millenia a few weeks ago and there is just the nicest SA there, very talkative and friendly even though I said upfront I was simply browsing (had to check out the Neverfull though after hearing so much about it here!). Several of his colleagues are a little less friendly (severe understatement), I think its because this mall serves many many tourists and the SA's see no reason to build relationships with "one time" visitors.
    At any rate, he's a dark haired young man and I hope he's working the day you are there! I wish now I had asked for his card but I'm from Southwest Florida and am in Tampa much more than Orlando! :sad:
    Enjoy your trip!

    p.s. I love the Epi Jasmin in any color and IMO, it would complement your current bag collection, adding a leather piece to your canvas bags :smile:
  11. I vote for the Epi-- i think it would be a nice mix since you have a mono and a vernis already. Plus it's a bteer investment since epi can withstand a little splash of rain or dirt... good luck and Happy Anniv.:shrugs: b=on the otherhand, maybe you can go and try it IRL to see which one suits you better...
  12. i was just at the mall at millenia 2 weeks ago. i bought the denim flatpouch,and yes, my sa was very nice. im going back to orlando in 2 weeks-the same time as you! as for your purchase, i vote for the denim speedy! good luck and have fun! maybe we'll run into eachother!
  13. Epi Jasmin in ivoire!
  14. Thanks for everyone's suggestions. I guess I'll just have to try everything on and then decide. I'll probably be there for hours.

    Betterthanshoes- Hope I meet the "nice" SA. I know what you mean about one time visitors. LOL that would be me.

    Snow White - I'll be the one with the grumpy hubby that just wants to get out of there and go sit by the pool or play golf. The good thing is that he'll tell me to get whatever I want just so I don't take forever.
  15. The neo speedy sounds really nice.