Anniversary reveal! Love-ing my clou!

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  1. Hello, DH got me a juste un clou bracelet for our wedding anniversary! We need your opinions- I prefer wearing it solo on my left wrist and DH likes it stacked with my love on the right. What do you guys think looks best?

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  2. And clou + love

  3. Oh hard decision, It looks great both ways. I think I would wear them together.
  4. Either way. Love it! Enjoy.
  5. either way looks fab!!!
  6. Nice, I think it looks so perfect on his own. It is such a unique design that t really needs nothing beside it. Although, it looks great with your Love.
  7. Stack...I like the BOLD look!
  8. I think it looks fabulous on its own!
  9. Gorgeous! I have these two and I stack.
  10. I think it looks great stacked!
  11. Thank you! Do you get annoyed by the "clinking" when you stack? And have you noticed either bracelet scratching the other? That's the main reason I don't like to stack the two!
  12. And thanks to barbaga, killerlife, myluxurydiary, nikkisabaggirl, skyqueen, txaccessorize, and eri0087 for your opinions! They are much appreciated :ty:
  13. Congrats!!!! It's so beautiful and looks great both ways. I love the look of it on it's own and stacked as well... sorry I'm not much help. LOL
  14. The clinking doesn't bother me, I kind of like the sound to be honest. They don't tend to fall on the same part of my arm , which is something I like about this stack vs. two loves. I do an hour of yoga every day though, and I worry about the Love screws getting loose from too much bumping, so I wrap a yoga headband between the two for that.
  15. Congrats!! Both ways are so awesome!
    I'am gonna get my clou in 3 weeks! I also have a love in white gold.
    Which colour is your love and clou?

    Do you where a watch? Then i would where the bracelets together and the watch on the other hand.
    Are you going to wear your clou 24/7?