Anniversary present dilema!


Jul 20, 2007
My 17th anniversary is in two weeks, hubby has offered me something from LV, this is usually what I always get. My current bags are the monogram Trouville, monogram Speedy 25, damier Neverfull and damier Berkeley, I also own the monogram sarah wallet and the mandarin monogram agenda. Okay, here's the problem, I'm currently carrying my Berkeley and I just love this bag to death, I can't think of a new bag to get because I don't want to quit carrying it. I thought of a vernis Sarah wallet in amarante but just don't know, what would you do? I was considering the Bellevue pm but I don't live near a store and can't try it on, I think it would fit over my shoulder, I'm 5'6 and weigh 115. What should I do?


May 12, 2010
What about a pair of sunnies, a SLG (which you mentioned) or perhaps even a cosmetic or toiletry pouch? I feel the same way about the bag I am currently carrying so I am kinda in the same boat. Our 1 yr anniversary is coming up and he knows I :heart: LV and is planning on buying me something. I am so ga ga over my BH that I am considering other items rather than another bag.


Jul 23, 2009
I would get either a vernis wallet or damier sarah wallet to go with your berkeley. Maybe even a cles to go with it too. Since you are really enjoying the berkeley right now (I would too) get SLG to match with it.