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    Hey everyone :smile:

    My boyfriend and I have been together for a few years and last year we bought a house together.

    We aren't ready to get married yet, because I'm still in school, but he was talking about getting me a diamond just because of our anniversary.

    I was wondering if this would be an acceptable "promise" ring... Tried it on today, wonder what you all think of this ring on my chubby finger lol... Or if any of you have any suggestions I would love to hear.

    The ring is regularly $649 but on sale for 499. I wear about a size 6 I think. I think I'd go for yellow gold.

    Stone Type Diamond Stone Shape Round Diamond Total Weight (CT. T.W.) 0.20 Center Stone T.W. 0.20 GIA Colour J - K GIA Clarity I1 Stone Setting Channel Gold Karat 10K Standard Ring Size 7 Lifetime Diamond Commitment Yes Metal Colour White or yellow
    Metal Type Gold
  2. Wait for Ame to weigh in :smile: she will give great guidance !
  3. First of all congrats on your anniversary and how sweet that your boyfriend wants to buy such a lovely ring for you!

    It is a very pretty ring and looks lovely on your hand.. but the stats aren't great and it is not worth the money, imo. I'm sure others with more detailed diamond knowledge will chime in but J-K colour is very low - I would be looking at least at H or higher if the clarity is SI, let alone I. I clarity is also very low and the price seems very expensive for a ring of 10k gold with these stats. You can definitely find an 18k or minimum 14k gold ring for around the same price with SI rather than I clarity and a minimum of H colour. To be honest, for .20 carats of diamonds you can probably get VS clarity and G/H colour. Have a look on Blue Nile or even eBay for some other options.

    I made the mistake of buying I grade clarity and colour diamond stud earrings with some money I received from my dad last year - when I knew nothing about diamonds. They were cheap and admittedly the cut was ideal (which gave the studs a tiny bit of sparkle at least) but the clarity and colour were so poor that they just looked dull and hardly caught the light at all. The lowest I would go now is SI clarity and H colour, which with an excellent-ideal cut will still look sparkly and fairly colourless, especially on a smaller stone.
  4. Thank you for the information. I know next to nothing about diamonds; and I know that in the jewelry store the lighting made it really sparkly. But my biggest fear was that it wouldn't look as nice once I took it home.
  5. Ah yes they are very clever with lighting in these jewellery stores! I replaced the dud studs I bought last year with a pair of VS1/D studs on sale in my local jeweller and even they lost a smidgen of their sparkle once I got them home - the lights in the shop always make them look brighter, whiter and sparklier. They still look lovely but they looked amazing in the shop.

    I'm sure Ame will be along with great advice for where to pick up an alternative ring from - she is a font of knowledge on diamonds! I knew next to nothing until my diamond stud fiasco either. I'm still far from being an expert but I have learnt that generally if the cut is excellent or ideal you can afford to go a little lower with both clarity and colour. I have a pendant which is VS2 clarity and I colour (so a lot lower colour than I would normally go for) but the cut is ideal and the diamond sparkles like mad and looks very white and bright. I always try to go for the best cut I can afford now and play around a little with the clarity/colour options to keep the diamond in my price range.
  6. Those stats are not worth the price. An I clarity at that size? NO. Not to mention cut quality.

    What is your budget? These are about $1500 or less, and mostly bands, but will have MUCH better stones than that.

    DIY a small solitaire, quick and dirty just on blue nile:

    then either setting from these, a whole ring under or near 1k:

    This only comes in WG but looks slightly less engagementy

    Down for a band you can stack with a wedding set later on?
    Here's a few Blue Nile suggestions:

    A few Kwiat (through Nordstrom--VERY nice diamonds)

    could get one of these on clearance (yellow gold with yellow sapphires) and even maybe a diamond one from blue nile or something.

    Another idea:

    Ask for Yellow Gold, say you're a pricescoper:
  7. Just to add to Ame's excellent suggestions Amazon can also be very good for things like this - lots of third party sellers selling good diamond jewellery (be careful to check the breakdown of the stats though) at often very competitive prices. It was through Amazon that I discovered the company Diamond Manufacturers who made my diamond pendant for me. They are also very competitively priced and have received great press here but I'm not sure if they ship outside the UK.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to show the boyfriend and see what he thinks.

    I was hoping to keep it around 600. He spends so much on me already that I don't want to set the bar too high... Especially if we'd be getting engaged in a couple years, and we want to get me my "once in a lifetime" ring... So I guess I just want something small as a symbollic placeholder. However, I really don't want to basically throw away 600 just because I want a diamond that isn't expensive.......
  9. I would be worried about buying online just because I can't see it in person. What happens if you order from someplace like blue nile and are unhappy with it? Sometimes I think rings just don't look good on my hand. (Me and my hands have a love-hate relationship... I get so upset when pretty jewelry looks gross on my man-hands lol)
  10. Blue Nile is a site you can return things to within 30 days if you don't like it. You can return or exchange. Their service and return policy is fantastic. That's a site if you're hesitant about online that is worth looking at. I would NOT go through Ebay OR Amazon, as you have no idea what seller you're REALLY dealing with.

    If it's to be a "placeholder" Id lean towards a band, bec then you can include it in your wedding and have it as a band you can wear in place of your main wedding ring or set, or add to the set.
  11. Yes I think a band I could stack with my wedding set would be a LOVELY idea as well.
  12. Thank you for being so helpful Ame, you're a GEM. :hbeat:
  13. I guess I also wouldn't want it to look too much like an engagement ring..... I dunno.
  14. I'd definitely look at BlueNile. Also Google for coupon codes before you go.

    This promise ring is really pretty and in your budget:

    I just did a quick search and found:

    Diamond Details
    Stock number: LD02628136
    Price: C$387
    Bank wire price:
    Price per carat:
    Carat weight:
    Cut: Very Good
    Colour: J
    Clarity: VS2
    Depth %:
    Table %:
    Medium to Thick
    Measurements: 4.20 x 4.23 x 2.71 mm

    and added a plain band for $200 CANADIAN

    Total was $587

    Or, if you want a band:
  15. I really love the band suggestion. You could get a nice sapphire band or even small diamond or pave and stack later on. Such a great idea! Otherwise how about one of the 0.30 SI1 solitaires from Blue Nile? Then when you get engaged you can match it and make a nice pair of studs.