Anniversary Gift - Speedy or Not Speedy?

  1. I just had an anniversary and since I have been talking about the Speedy 30 for so long my BF said to meet him at the Galleria and he will get it for me... now that I can actually get it I am having doubts... I love the bag and the fact that it is so classic, but the sagging is a turn off... I have been looking at the Lockit Vertical, but don't feel so strong about it... Any suggestions? I want to stay in the under 1k price range...
  2. You should get what you love. The sagging problem can be solved by placing something hard on the bottom. I know for myself, if I settle something other than what I really want, I end up regretting it or going back and getting what I wanted to begin with in the end anyway. Congratulations on your anniversay! You have a very nice BF.
  3. Get what you love! as for the sag there are many threads to correct this.
    Perhaps a BH, pop haut?
  4. You guys are right... I have been wanting the Speedy for a couple of months now... if I get something else I will still think of it.
  5. check out this thread
  6. Go for the Speedy. You'll love it.:yes:
    I think Mono Trouville might also be a good choice. It meets your budget.

  7. I checked them out! Great idea!!!!! Thanks!!!:wlae:
  8. go for the speedy you will love it!! there are many solutions to avoid sag...the speedy is a classic bag that you can never go wrong with, I hope you get it!
  9. I have a Speedy 30 and I put a magazine in the bottom and guess what, no more sagging. I also covered it and wrapped it & taped it in paper to keep the magazine from opening. It works great!
  10. Speedy, speedy, speedy. Go for it, you'll never regret it. I have the speedy 30 and it's become my everyday bag. My dd just saw my bag this weekend and now she's begging for one:lol:
  11. Thanks everyone! You have really helped clear my doubts... I will post pics next week after I pick it up!!!

    THANKS!!!!!! I love this forum...
    Thank you sis for turning me on to this place :smile:
  12. Yeah! I'm a Speedy supporter too! I love that bag! I use my 35 everyday!
  13. Yay! It is a great bag, you'll love it! pursekets are great for extra pockets in addition to helping stop the sag. :flowers:
  14. Definitely get the Speedy or you'll keep thinking about it!:yes:
  15. Can't wait to see your pictures.
    I think a Speedy is a great bag for starters.
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