Anniversary gift for DBF: His First LV!

  1. Even though our anniversary isn't until October 5 (we've been together 10 years), DBF has already given me gifts. He got me a Neverfull PM and a diamond ring. I decided that I needed to buy him some equally special gifts. First, I bought him a pair of Armani gloves he'd been eyeing. I decided that I also wanted to give him his first LV. His Gucci wallet that he's had for 2 years looked okay, but he was constantly overstuffing it. It didn't have enough card spaces or cash slots. It also didn't have any place for change. With that in mind, I set out to find him the perfect wallet. It had to be one that has a ton of card slots, space for bills and papers, and a coin compartment. After a bit of browsing on eLuxury, I found one that is absolutely perfect: the Damier Brazza. He just got it today and he loves it! It's a big wallet and it holds a lot.
    brazza1.jpg brazza2.jpg
  2. ^ Great gift! And happy early anniversary :drinkup:
  3. very nice! your anniversary is the day after my bday!!! Happy early anniversary! Great LV. I wanna get my BF the taiga one in black. thanks for the pic with all the stuff in it...i always wonder how squished the money is gonna be looks pretty roomy!!! thanks for the pics!
  4. congrats to your BF

    and Happy anniversary to you both.
  5. Congrats to your BF!!!! Happy Anniversary!!
  6. oooooh awesome choice! Love that wallet!
  7. Happy Anniversary!!!
  8. I love brazza!!!!!
    Happy annivrsary!!!!!!!!!
  9. It's a great present ! :yes:
  10. I was surprised when he opened it, because he managed to get one that was made in France. I remember my first LV (also a wallet) was made in France. Where my LV is made is not an issue with me, but there is a certain romance about the first one being made in France.
    If you or your special someone is the type to carry everything including the kitchen since in your wallets, this is certainly the one for you. It was bigger than I expected!
    Thanks everyone for the compliments and the anniversary well-wishes!
  11. Congratulations.
  12. You're so sweet, that's a great present.
    Happy Early Anniversary!
  13. so i guess he isn't the type that puts his wallet in his back pocket eh? :yes:

    it's a very nice wallet and that is sooo sweet of you...
  14. Great choice and happy early anniversary!:tup:
  15. Oooh, I love that wallet .... excellent choice. :tup:

    Congrats to your bf and Happy Anniversary!