Anniversary Duffle- Neiman Marcus Private Sale

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  1. I had wanted this Duffle (I'm a dude) since it came out last season. Well needless to say, when I saw it for 30% off during the Neiman Marcus Private Sale I COULD NOT pass it up.

    Got it for $1700 and change- What do you guys think? And be honest!!

    Just checked my account and I still have the option of canceling. It looks like I bought the last one.

    I was surprised that it was even still available, and it may not have been the best buy since its a season old.
  2. congrats!!! you got it at an awesome price... enjoy!
  3. ooooh! :drool: Very nice!!
  4. nice ..keep it
  5. I like it...and it's always so much better when you get something you really like on sale! :smile:
  6. beautiful bag!!!
  7. good taste:tup:
  8. WOW!
    Thats amazing!CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Congrats!! Very Nice!!
  10. Keep it! Great price, great style...
  11. Congrats- it's a lovely bag! If you've been wanting it for this long I'd definitely say it was worth it!
  12. Awesome!!!
  13. Thats a great bag and if I were a dude - I can envision so many options for carrying. :tup:
  14. you need to keep it...its so hot!
  15. post pics if you can!