Anniversary Dinner Dress Input - Sizing comparison, etc

  1. Hey ladies! My five year wedding anniversary is coming up at the end of September. We're going to San Francisco for a long weekend and I want a new dress for dinner.. It is five years, after all.

    I've found a few I'm interested in but I'm curious if anybody can give input on how they run. I wear a size 2 in most places, but I mainly buy 'affordable' clothing (haha). I wear a size 2 at White House, size 26 kenneth cole jeans, size 2 at Old Navy, etc..

    Here's one of my possibilities: - I'm thinking size XS would probably work fine, especially the way the dress is made.

    I'm more concerned with these: - It says XS but it says size 4 and I'm concerned it might be too big? Any thoughts on how Alice & Olivia run? - Also a size 4, but it says that's the size on the mannequin so it seems like it would be fine.. again not sure and I don't want it to be too big.

    I'm also open to any other suggestions if anybody is bored and wants to 'shop' for me. I'm looking to keep it no more than around the $125 mark, my favorite colors are black, reds (obviously), gray and purple. I'm tall, and I have a fairly large chest so I can't do backless, unless it's more like a halter like the Alice & Olivia dress.

    Thanks for any thoughts and feedback, ladies. :smile:
  2. That's a very nice dress and look at the price ? u can't go wrong. I would just settle for that dress if the dress is my kind of style, I see myself looking hot it in. I would look no more.

    Last 2 link doesn't work so I can't tell much of what ur thinking and ur style.
  3. So weird, I don't know why they don't work, I copy and pasted the URL. :|
  4. It has to do the The Outnet website, it did the same on my posts yesterday, too.
    I see that you are in Plano, have you been the Last Call Studio in Preston and Park, they have a lot of cute dresses and you can buy something in your budget and you can try it on without having to buy online and pay shipping or return.
  5. I was able to search Outnet by the item number in your URLs.

    Honestly these are three very different dresses. I think you should try some dresses on to at least narrow down the silhouette you want. I don't think the first dress is right for your anniversary dinner; it's very sexy and has a lot going on and is more like a clubbing dress IMO. The last dress is so drapey that it's hard to tell how it's going to fit without trying it on. I'm 5'8" and a size S/4, but I have a small bust and I look pregnant in dresses like that. Since you have a large bust the effect may be even worse as your breasts will push out the middle of the dress. The halter dress seems like a safer bet because it has a waist. You could always have it tailored if it's too big in spots.

    Do you have time to go shopping in San Francisco for a special dress before your dinner?