Anniversary Date ideas??

  1. I am 23 and my bf is 24 and we will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary at the end of July. I was wonderig if anyone had any cute ideas of things to do for our special day :smile: Thank you :smile:
  2. :censor: Well after fighting with my husband of 18 years on what should happen on the 20th year anniversary I don't have any good ideas to tell you LOL!! If fact it just might scare you !! :lol::angel::lol:
    But lol happy anniversary anyway!!
  3. It wasn't our anniversary....but one time, I rented a limo to pick up my DH (then my boyfriend)...I dressed in a sexy black dress, and bought a limo drivers cap, and waited for him with a sign, with his name on it....I had a bottle of tequila(his favorite) waiting in the limo....he still talks about it, and it has been 12 years now!
  4. I think I will try this on our next anniversary. Sounds like a bunch of FUN.:graucho:
  5. Three years - congrats :smile:
    I don't really have too great of an idea, my bf and I usually try to take a trip to celebrate our anniversary...then its just an entire weekend devoted to us.
  6. I would cook for him and then have a drink at a quiet, cosy cafe/lounge.
  7. ok i too am coming up to my 3yr annii with BF on july 23rd so need idea. i dont know how you can spend the day but i can give you a few cute pressie ideas

    ok.. you could put hersheys kisses on the floor of the house to his room.. then they trail into bathroom. then in the shower put gifts etc. and have a sign that says now that ive kissed the floor you walk on and showered you with gifts its time to say happy anni. ( i did it for valentines)

    Also you could get a cute box.. a peice of paper, kiss one side of the paper and the other right a reason why you love him. then he can take a kiss out each day he misse syou.

    for last yrs anni. i got 24 balloons. and in each balloon wrote something significant about that month together.. first motnh, first kiss. first fight.. etc. silly things.. but he had to pop the balloons to get the info out. then you can tie silly presents to the bottom of the balloons. like a treasure hunt.

    just a few ideas
  8. I don't know where you are, but maybe you can go away to a nice bed and breakfast. Very romantic and relaxing.

    Whatever you end up doing, I'm sure it'll be great!