Anniversary/Birthday reveal!

  1. Love them both! Congrats! Happy anniversary and birthday!
  2. thank you so much!!! i absolutely love them!!
  3. Happy birthday/anniversary!!! Love, love, love them both. Artsy is on my list of must haves. ENJOY!!!
  4. ooooo NICE! artsy is fabulous!!!!!!!! wheres the modelling pics :smile:
  5. here are a few more pics! thank you all for letting me share! :tpfrox:
    IMG_1110 (800x449).jpg IMG_1112 (800x449).jpg IMG_1114 (800x449).jpg
  6. Congrats on your purchases. Great anniversary/birthday gifts.
  7. I know it's artsy .. It looks exactly like mine ;)
    Great purchases !!! Congrats and can't wait
    for the mod pics ;)
  8. Congrats on your beautiful LVoes!! Please join the Artsy Club too!
  9. thank you all so much!!! i can't wait to use her!! hopefully the weather will behave tomorrow.... our summer where i'm at is our rainy/typhoon season! :nogood:
  10. congrats and thanks for sharing!!:tup:
  11. Thank you Queen Maria! :biggrin: i will definitely take some mod pics tomorrow if i take her out....
  12. Love this wallet!! I've had her since January and use her everyday and she still looks brand new!
  13. I definitely will! thank you so much! :biggrin:
    thank you!!:biggrin:
  14. yay! i was just gonna go on the clubhouse and ask about how their wallet is holding up! :biggrin: i am not sad at all that they didn't have the sarah! i absolutely love this wallet too!
  15. Congrats..and happy anniversary.