1. I cant get on the mulberry website to look at the stock status (stupid computer just will not let me load flash player :tdown:) but I thought some of you were after Annies that were 50% off, is that right? Just to let you know that I saw some in Black and Oak today for £298 in House of Fraser in Nottingham. Not sure if they do mail order (would have thought they do :s), but I guess if theyre out of stock elsewhere it may be worth a try?

    Just thought I would let you know :smile:
  2. Thanks for this , I can`t afford to buy one now as i`ve bought the hanover , but had I of known the Annies were 50% off , it would of been a close call which bag I would of bought , oh well perhaps i`m just greedy !!!
  3. I'm sooo tempted as they are back on Mulberry site.BUT....
    I really can't justify having 2 Annies but would love a black one....
    I think I'll save up and maybe get one for my birthday in July!!! Just hope I can get the same price
  4. I've been dithering about a black Annie for days but finally bought one yesterday. I got the last one but not sure if they have added more as they keep popping up.
    Decided it was just too good a price to miss for a great classic bag!
  5. Sarajane, please don't tempt me...
    There's one been sat in my basket on and off all day!!
  6. Yay!!!!! Get one!!! I promise you'll love it!!!!!!:yahoo:

  7. If you can afford it I'd say snap it up then put it away for your birthday rather than losing out on a great deal!!!:p
  8. I didn't know you could check the stock status, how does that work then? :shrugs:
  9. just keep adding them to your basket until the item shows out of stock...

  10. That's how I was - in the basket it went and then I took it out again! In the end I just thought - what the hell, it's only money and it'll go on something else far less exciting if I don't buy this bag. It's such a good price.
    Take Jo's advice - buy it now and stash it away until your birthday!! :graucho:
  11. I've decided to resist!! My birthday falls after next sale ( I think) and I'm sure there will be something else I'd want as well.
    My Phoebe has finally come out the wardrobe today and am expecting my East/West tomorrow.....
    Have just emptied my basket, so I hope someone buys it quick before I change my mind.
  12. Great self control, I'm impressed!
    With all these new bags being bought in the sale and arriving as Christmas presents, that's a heck of a lot of new pictures for the pic threads. Going to get snapping once my DH is safely back at work as haven't mentioned Annie to him yet!!!
  13. Ooooh I see, thanks :heart:
  14. There is one black Annie available in the Mulberry online sale right now, so yet another chance if someone is still looking for one!

  15. Will they go back up in price after sales or will they just be sold at the outlets?