Annie's had the all clear

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  1. Just called Mulberry and black Annie is on her way back to me and is a 'genuine mulberry item' Yipee.

    Hopefully I'll have her on ebay by the end of the week and make some funds to put towards my next purchase.
  2. I'm glad you where right about Annie, Tiree. Off she goes ...
  3. So glad it's the real deal Tiree. I hope you get lots of money for her!
  4. so glad you got it sorted!!! She should sell for a good price!
  5. wowho !!!
  6. Brilliant news !!

    Do you not like this bag then ??
  7. Told you so, never had a doubt! Great news!
  8. Fantastic news Tiree. I hope you inform your previous buyer since they really wasted your time. Good luck with the sale.

  9. :goodpost:
  10. great news Lisa, what are you eyeing up?
  11. That's really good news Tiree. You can feel vindicated. GL on selling black Annie this time.
  12. Excellent. Hate buyers who think they know it all and make false accusations.
  13. excellent news Tiree, what a relief!
  14. Great news Tiree, finally you can put that whole thing to rest!!!!