Annie`s are in the sales !!

  1. Hi , Previewed the sales today and really disappointed at whats in them for me , but the annies are in the sale !!!

    Merry christmas everyone and hope you get what you want in the sales:smile:
  2. Hey Tara - how did you get to preview the sale?! Do you know how much the Annies were reduced by?
  3. Know someone who works for Mulberry :yes:
  4. Tara, thanks for the inside info!

    Your friend doesn't have special powers that allow her to tell me where to find a choc Annie in stock does she???:lol:
  5. Hi again , They might have one in Hof Norwich , sale start`s tomorrow;)
  6. Ooo, thank you so much tara. Sadly no way I can get to Norwich tomorrow, but it gives me hope to keep my eyes peeled in either Reading or Guildford HoF :flowers:
  7. Hi Alycat,

    They have annies at the biecester outlet and they post as well i was there last week.:yes:
  8. Are they posting during the sale?? I had heard they were'nt taking fone orders,hope thats not the case,but I think you could have something put by and they will post it after?? Or if you pay over the fone will they hold for a bit then send?? Hope you get what your after!!! I could always pop over to Cheshire Oaks,buy it and then you can transfer the money and postage and I can send it on special delivery if they are'nt posting or holding for a bit???xxx
  9. Evening ladies! Hope you've all had a fab day.
    Just popped by to check on any new Christmas gifts or sale purchases. I'd forgotton about my Annie obsession from this morning.Hic Hic...:shame:

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to both evimarie and chaz.:flowers:

    I was actually thinking about going to Bicester on the 27th, this kind of confirms it as a good idea (or maybe not for the credit card!!)
    And chaz, what a sweet offer, that's really kind of you. If I have no joy at Bicester, I might well ask you to keep your eyes peeled, but definately only if you're heading that way.

    Anyway, thanks again girls. Just off for a top-up. Cheers, and Happy Christmas once more!