Annie owners, please some advice

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  1. Hi everyone. Well, for some reason I have decided, today, that I really need to add an annie to my collection, most probably in oak!!:nuts:

    I'm not quite sure where this has come from, though I do occasionally see them out & about in London, usually quite well battered. They look quite roomy but not huge, & very easy to wear which appeals. Anyway, here's my current collection:
    choc bayswater, elgin, rosemary, somerset shoulder
    oak belle
    black seth
    burgundy antony

    I did have a somerset tote in oak but never used it so sold it. I thought it was cos it was oak but maybe it was also because it's open at the top so if I held it handheld in central London where I work I'd feel my stuff was very vulnerable. Also it's quite triangular in shape :confused1:. My daily bags need to be flexible - handheld/shoulder/messenger as I'm often carrying other bags too. (Packhorse :hs::nuts:)
    I digress.....(had to use the horse smiley).......I feel an annie would be a non work bag anyway, if it was oak. My bays, seth & elgin are work bags, antony is a weekend bag, somerset shoulder went on hols. Rosemary is gorgeous but not really been used, she seems quite fiddly & her pockets are tiny but I'm not sure I'm ready for her to leave me. Belle is also not used but hopefully will be for summer nights out.

    Any words of wisdom? (There are a couple of annies on the bay at the mo, would that be my only option?) Thanks in advance...
  2. Ok a review of my annie that i love but isn't as comfy or user friendly as my phoebe.
    Annie is fairly closed at the top as the sides fold in and obviously the flap comes across. i can undo the funny bobble thing with one hand which is handy. Access to the interior is a little awkward and restricted due to the infolding of the leather sides and the general buckety shape. The pockets are big enough for a small mobile, chapstick, train tickets etc.
    The handle drop is long enough to fit over my winter coat but i don't always find the straps comfy- i think that'll get better if the bag softens more ( must use it more often)
    All in all i'd never part with her as she was my first designer bag and bought by DH but for ease of use etc i'd go for a phoebe any day instead. hope this helps!!!
  3. i have two annies (black and oak), I think they are easy to use but I don't have a pheeb with which to compare them. They are secure as Jo says. Access can be tricky as they are quite deep and the top is narrow(ish) but I don't necessarily find this a problem as I am not in and out of them all the time! They are a great size for me (I'm 5.7 and a size 10/12). Like Jo, I would never part with them.
  4. Hi guys, thanks for your responses.

    Jo, it's interesting that you prefer phoebe. I guess it's one or other, easier access or more security, & being in the big smoke I think I need security. I can imagine that things get lost as it's quite a deep bag. Good to know that the pockets are a decent size though! As for shoulder straps, they look a bit like elgin's? My elgin is good on the shoulder. Hmmmmm......:hrmm:

    Clooney, you have 2!!:drool: Again it's good to know they're secure & roomy. I'm a bit taller than you at 5'10" but a similar dress size so should be OK from that point of view. Hmmmm again:rolleyes::thinking:

    Bit preoccupied with the snow today I have to say........& I HAVE to get to work later so will continue to think about annie.

    Thanks again guys:flowers:
  5. because part of the straps are the top of the bag as it were before the handles join- those bits need to soften and twist a bit for it to fit comfortably on my shoulder. I hope that makes sense!
  6. Just had a look at some pics & I see what you mean Jo. But I guess it fits quite snuggly under the arm then?

  7. There's plenty of room for it to fit over a coat though!
  8. I just sold my choc Annie as I prefer my Phoebes. The Annie does fit nicely over the shoulder when wearing a heavy coat though. The outside pockets are great for phone, keys, etc. I just found that they style was a bit too deep for me and the straps kept sliding off my shoulder no matter how many times I put them back in place. This never happens with Phoebe!
  9. I have an Annie which was unused when I bought her last year so still needs wearing in. As a bag held in the crook of your arm I love her, but as previously mentioned by KLP I find that the straps continually slip off when on your shoulder.

    I would not change her but have accepted that she will never be a shoulder bag for me.

    Hope this helps.
  10. [​IMG][​IMG]

    i hope this works - i haven't posted a picture yet!!

    i love it in this colour!! (a non work colour - for the summer) you know if it slips off the arm like the rest have said it may become extremely annoying esp if you spend your free time as a packhorse. :hs:(hehe i like the horsey smiley...) but it looks V secure so you'd go around town worry free. you should test ride it around the shop if they still sell them?? bottom line is if you want one get one :P
  11. no it didn't work hmmp :confused1: this is too much technology for me!! anyway it was a coffee clour i think (lighter than oak) with oak straps and buckles. v pretty :smile:
  12. Jo - great to hear it goes over a coat easily

    klp & stanny - not so clever if straps fall off shoulder hrmmmm

    rox - can you post a link again that one doesn't work! Or maybe tell me how to find the site? Thanks very much :flowers:
  13. Just like klp I sold my oak annie and bought an oak phoebe to replace her as I found that the straps kept sliding off my shoulders and it was extremely annoying. I put it down to it being a bag meant for a taller frame but I guess most people seem to have had this problem!

    The shape was quite annoying to get in to as well and although i had loved the look of the bag when i first bought it, i just couldnt stand it in the end!! The Phoebes are MUCH MUCH more user friendly and sit so comfortably on the shoulder. I would recommend the phoebe over the annie any day.

    Now here's the wierd thing.. I think the annie look good in oak but the phoebe looks good in choc.. cant explain it but the bags dont appeal to be in the other colours:confused1:
  14. ^^I think that colour is called Blonde and the darker bits of leather are in oak. Yes, very pretty!