Annie or Phoebe?

  1. So, I was at a party last night and one of the girls there had a black darwin Phoebe which was :drool: :heart: :tup:

    I'm thinking that my next purchase may be a Phoebe or Annie in black darwin. They seem to be a similar size, although I think the Annie might be a little bit bigger.

    Has anyone got any opinions on which is better and why? (until I can get to the outlet and try them out for myself).

    I'm going to return my tangerine Araline and get a credit note to put towards my next purchase. While I really like it, I don't think I love it :cry: I haven't used it yet - it's still in its packaging and I think this means that it's not for me :nogood:
  2. Phoebe!

    But then Im proabably a bit biased, because it was a close call between that and the rosemary, when I was choosing a while back. Plus everytime I go to Bicester village I look at all the gorgeous phoebes and drool!
  3. Annie!
  4. Tricky one. I really like both and tried them on at Shepton. My vote probably goes to the Phoebe for looks and the shape, I really like its curviness. However, the Annie was a better fit for me, more comortable to carry. It's a close call!
    You were right to return the tangerine if you hadn't used it. That's how I was with the toffee. I'd used the tangerine the minute it arrived while toffee had sat in the cupboard.
  5. I really like both too, but I have to say that my preference at the moment is the Annie.

    In fact I'm thinking about the very same thing for my next bag too - ever since I decided that I need a new black bag for winter ;)

    I'm just wondering though - do you think the Annie is slightly more formal looking than the Phoebe? Don't know if that would be a consideration for you? I wonder if any Annie owners could advise if it softens down a bit with use?
  6. yes it does soften with use. I have to pack mine when not in use in it's dust bag because it'll slouch! Once on your shoulder I don't think Annie looks more formal than the phoebe- maybe looks more formal if carried in the hand though so you can see the shape of the bag IYKWIM
  7. Phoebe!
  8. Very difficult to choose because I absolutely love them both. I think Phoebe is more informal and boho and
    has Western feel to it because its saddle shape. I would wear it more with jeans. I find Phoebe is heavier than Annie though.

    I think Annie is more formal than Phoebe and it's more spacious inside. I wish it had a leather zipped pocket inside like Phoebe instead of a fabric one. I'm struggling to find a purse that would fit into this tiny pocket. And I don't find it secure sitting in the main bag compartment, especially in London.
  9. I like the fastening on the Annie- think that and the overall shape and external pockets are what drew me to it in the first place. I find the phoebe too saddlebag like for my taste- but saying that I do like it and did think about getting one at one point. they are both lovely bags but i still vote for the Annie ( because I've got one- biased!!!)
  10. Thanks for all your responses, ladies. I think it will probably come down to how they feel when being carried - at this stage, the Annie looks like it's probably a bit easier to carry than the Phoebe. If it's lighter in weight as well, that's a bonus :tup:

    Oh, who am I kidding - I guess I'll get whichever one I can find first (once I've saved the money, of course).

    I think I'm going to Bicester this weekend :yahoo: so I'll, hopefully, try them out then. Won't be buying anything (she says!) but at least I can return the Araline so it saves me a few quid on return postage:yes:
  11. Late to the party but I think it is a tough choice! I love them both. I think the phoebe is slightly more casual but I love the look of the annie - good luck!
  12. Hi there,

    I have both and both are equally beautiful. However, I am finding that the Phoebe is easier to carry around as an everyday bag because of the wider opening at the top and the size of the compartment. The Annie has the flap closure that sometimes gets in the way and the opening at the top is a little tight.

    With that said, you may have a harder time finding Phoebe. The Annie is everywhere right now, so you may get a good deal. I purchased my Annie during the half yearly sale at Nordstroms for $417.00.

    Hope this helps.
  13. $417? That's an amazing deal :nuts: They're currently £415 (ie $800) in the outlets. I think that the outlets are stocking both Annies & Phoebes at the moment (although not necessarily in the black) so I'd hopefully get a choice.
  14. Annie! Does anyone know where I can get one? I rang the Mulberry shop in Melrose and they said they don't stock them anymore.

    I am from overseas as well which makes it a bit more complicated.
  15. I love my Phoebe... it's the perfect size and looks great after two years of everyday use!