Annie At Last

  1. hey girls i received my replacement annie today from orange tree having returned the faulty pen marked one where you could see daylight through the stitching on the base of the bag.
    the first one arrived packed really well which i was pleased about however the second one came to me just as though it had been flung in a box of which turned up all squashed -the annie was not packed as they usually are to maintain the bag shape which was disappointing however this one is pen mark free and looks like a solid base well stitched this time so i finally got there in the end just wish they had taken more care. i have now stuffed it with paper to retain its shape it was a bit squashed when i received it :tdown:.
  2. just a quick question to all you annie lovers of which i am one, i much prefer it to my phoebe i think it is easier to get into the top of the bag is much wider at the top than the phoebe and i love the keyhole fastening.

    i was looking on eBay today someone is selling a annie for £175 because the ball has come off?? is this a common problem? i hope not as this will shatter my dreams of my relationship between me and new found annie -never heard of this before but i don't know how they are fitted to start with
  3. Congrats on your new bag!
  4. Surely not? Wouldn't you go back to Mulberry for a repair? Was it a pukka real one, maybe it was a dud :shrugs:
  5. I don't know it's alot of money if it isn't the real deal.x
  6. Almost certainly a fake. if it was the real deal you'd pay for a repair or it may still be under guarantee. Certainly wouldn't sell it for that price:tdown:
  7. Delighted for you. Don't worry about bags breaking will never happen.
  8. Glad you finally got a good one sorry about the way it was packed I feel a bit bad about recommending them I am really suprised as it is a really upmarket shop selling lots of design items
  9. Hi Jackie i'm glad you did otherwise i would have been without an annie in my collection, it is stunning and really user friendly no fuss or fiddly bits just fantastic and a real statement piece- no mistaking this beauty x:yahoo:
  10. i am pleased for the reasurance of the sturdiness and userbility of the annie ball closure i want to be able to use the bag not wrap it in cotton wool x:tup:
  11. Congrats on your new Annie. I'm sure you'll love it!