Annees Folles... but not just any Annees Folles!

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  1. Anthracite Annees Folles! I adore these, :cloud9: and thought maybe they needed a thread. :P Oh, and I think they were only available at Nieman Marcus.

    I saw them on eBay and they took my breath away. They were outside of my shoe budget, but I figured I would just wait (not so patiently) for the auction to end so I could cross my fingers and see if it was meant to be.

    A special thank you Alice1979 who posted them on the D&S. Seeing them there actually made me sad that someone would scoop them up before me. BUT! another thank you to the horribly wonderful enablers on the Chat about Deals thread, who gave me the push I needed to click the BIN button and worry about $$ later!
  2. Yay! I'm here!
  3. Presenting Anthracite AF :heart:

  4. The view from the back is my fav

  5. :faint::faint::faint:
  6. Seriously gorgeous, I would get these in a heartbeat! :love:
  7. Wow, they are ggorgeous! I think I like these better than the other color combos. Any modeling pics?
  8. I don't think my pictures are very good, the color is so much prettier in person. So I tried different lighting...

  9. Thank you Naked, authentic and PyAri! :flowers:

    And yes! I had to take some modeling pics! hehe...

  10. I've been waiting to see these incredible shoes!!
  11. [​IMG]
  12. They are gorgeous tampura!!
  13. Completely and totally gorgeous. I love them. The color and the details are so lovely. You wear them well! Congrats!
  14. Hi Klassic! Yeah, I have had them for a little while now. I was prancing around the house in them today and decided it was picture time. :smile:

  15. I love them!