Anne Heche Loses Custody of Son Homer

  1. Anne Heche Loses Her Mind And Custody Of Son

    June 12, 2007 7:43 a.m. EST

    Sally Grover - AHN News Writer
    Los Angeles, CA (AHN) - Anne Heche's messy divorce has reached a startling conclusion.
    The actress and her husband, Coley Laffoon, have been locked in a custody and spousal support battle since the videographer and stay-at-home dad filed for divorce in February.
    Now, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has given full physical custody to Coley, who also requested $33,000 per month in alimony to continue the lifestyle he has become accustomed to.
    While the judge did not specify the amount of money he will receive, a source has told E! News that the final figures are significantly less than Coley requested.
    Anne's estranged husband claimed in court documents that he did not want to leave the five-year-old boy in her sole care because of "bizarre and delusional behavior" she had shown. He also claimed that the star has "poor parenting skills."
    Anne, a former girlfriend of Ellen DeGeneres, has been vocal and honest about her battle with mental illness. She documented her downfall in a 2001 biography, "Call Me Crazy."
    However, the "Men In Trees" star countered Coley's statements by claiming that he spent his time at home playing pool, poker and looking at Internet porn.
    Through legal documents, she said, "Coley does stay at home while I am working, but not to parent."
    The former household's main breadwinner will soon be returning to Vancouver to continue filming her television show. Coley will be visiting with their son, Homer, to comply with the judge's decision that Anne receives weekend visits.

    You can also read versions of this on, which is where I first heard.
  2. I have always thought that she was quite strange, but what is really sad is that a child is caught in the middle of all of this. That breaks my heart.
  3. both the parents seem completely insane, hopefully the kid can find some sort of normal role model...
  4. There must of been tangible reasons for a Mother to lose custody of her child.
  5. Yes, I think so too. Normally it seems judges are fairly sympathetic to mothers.

    She does seem really nutty to me, but I know the judge based his descion on real facts.;)
  6. It most likely had alot to do with the fact that the father was the stay at home dad, the primary caregiver.
  7. i feel bad for their son, both parents seem unfit.
  8. Wow, this is amazing. He must have had some serious dirt on her... :wtf:
  9. Apparently, Laffoon was looking for any piece of evidence he could that would back up his insistance on why he should be awarded custody.

    Some concerns I believe were valid, and some I believe seemed trivial by themselves, but when added to the other pieces of information, just adds to his case against her.

    Some of the things he brought up:

    • She would use profanities in front of the child.
    • The lunches she would pack were not nutritionally stable.
    • She would allow Homer to sleep in the same bed with herself and her new boyfriend.
  10. Anne Heche Responds to Husband's Divorce Papers

    ANNE HECHE is responding to divorce papers filed by her estranged husband, COLEY LAFFOON, who alleges that she is "bizarre and delusional."
    In her papers, Heche asks for temporary sole custody of their son, HOMER, with reasonable visitation by Laffoon. She also asks that Homer be allowed to attend kindergarten in Vancouver, Canada, in the fall, where she films her television show, "Men in Trees."
    Heche says in the papers that Laffoon "makes numerous false allegations about his own parenting skills and fitness as well as mine," in papers filed by her ex. She also claims that Laffoon "sends Homer to preschool and leaves him with nannies and babysitters while he plays ping pong, backgammon and poker and views pornography online."
    She also says in the documents that her estranged husband "bragged to me and other cast members on the set, about going to strip clubs all day and that he knew each joint in town."
    In Laffoon's papers, on the other hand, he describes Heche as an unsuitable mom who refuses to seek help for her reported psychological issues, saying she "has at times exhibited bizarre and delusional behavior for which she refuses to seek professional help."
    Laffoon goes on to say "her anger towards me has clouded her ability to think rationally about what is in [our son] Homer's best interest."
    In his papers, he asks the court to award him joint custody of the couple's five-year-old son, and $33,000 a month for child support, attorney fees and costs, visitation, spousal support and funds for other expenses.
    He also asks for a psychiatric evaluation of both parties to aid in the child custody decision and maintains that he has been a stay-at-home dad who has provided basic care for their son since his birth in 2002.
    Heche's spokesperson strikes back with this response to "The Insider": "Anne would not cave in to his astronomical monetary demands, including his demand for $45,000 a month in support. For the past several years, the child's father has refused to get a job in order to contribute financially to the child's care."
    Laffoon filed for divorce in Los Angeles in February, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the split. Heche and Laffoon were married in 2001.

    "The Insider" broke news in January that Heche had reportedly left her husband for her "Men in Trees" co-star, JAMES TUPPER.
    "I have a blessed situation in my life," she told "The Insider" before the split in July 2006. "My husband is a stay-at-home dad. We chose to have a baby and chose to be together as a family.
    "Coley and Homer go with me everywhere; that's why I wanted to do a TV show. I wanted to give my family a stable life and give them an opportunity to build a life, although mommy is an actress."
    Of course, Heche made headlines before life with Laffoon due to her high-profile relationship with ELLEN DeGENERES. The two met while Laffoon, a cameraman, was shooting a tour documentary about the talk-show host/comedienne.

  11. i think her assertion that he's a bad dad because he spends his time playing pool, cards, and looking at internet porn are really weak...i don't know a single guy that doesn't regularly engage in at least two of those three activities, and most all three...

    if that's the best she can come up with, then he should have custody.
  12. I agree in 100%.
    But after all her usband said about her I'm not surprised that she lost the custody. Let's hope it's for the boy's good and that his dad is not just trying to get more money from her.
  13. Ita!!
  14. Whoa..didn't know she was crazy!
  15. poor kid...
    both parents are a pair of Looney toons.