Anne Heche Is A Bad Mom

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  1. According to her soon to be ex husband.

    LOS ANGELES - Anne Heche's divorcing husband wants at least $33,000 a month in support and joint custody of the couple's 5-year-old son, saying the 37-year-old actress is a bad mother.

    In Superior Court filings this month, Coleman Laffoon says Heche has refused to allow their son, Homer, to be enrolled in a private kindergarten in Southern California and has said she wants the boy to move to Vancouver, Canada, where she spends part of the year filming her ABC-TV show, "Men in Trees."
    In Vancouver, Heche leaves their son with a series of different nannies or her assistant in her trailer while filming, Laffoon said.
    Heche's "anger toward me has clouded her ability to think rationally about what is in Homer's best interest," said Laffoon, who wants Heche ordered to sign their son's school paperwork.
    Laffoon said Heche made some "very poor" parenting decisions in Vancouver, such as failing to provide a car safety seat for Homer and making lunches he didn't like.
    After one visit, she forgot to return Homer's favorite shoes and "his bedtime stuffed animals, which are very important to him and which caused him extreme distress," Laffoon said.
    Laffoon and Heche were married in September 2001. He filed for divorce in February, citing irreconcilable differences.
    "It is disappointing that Coley Laffoon has resorted to filing lies with the court because Anne would not cave in to his astronomical monetary demands, including his demand for $45,000 a month in support," Heche's publicist, Lisa Kasteler, said in a statement Friday. "For the past several years, the child's father has refused to get a job in order to contribute financially to the child's care."

    Laffoon, a former freelance videographer who made $6,000 a year, said he didn't work during the marriage. The couple agreed he would be a stay-at-home father because of his experience as a former nanny and summer camp counselor, his documents contend.
    His court filing asks for at least $33,000 in spousal support for himself and estimates that living expenses for himself and their son, who lives with him, total $37,399 a month. An accountant hired on Laffoon's behalf submitted a court paper offering a guideline of $45,239 for monthly spousal and child support.;_ylt=AiS0ojpX2M5u.uhnyn_5FgAH1vAI
  2. shocking
  3. I think she is such an odd person.
  4. Poor Homer to be caught up in the middle of all this
  5. oh well, at least for once a man is a gold digger.... but i feel so sorry for the child.
  6. The poor boy. I don't even make that much money in a year!!! Anne Heche has always seemed really weird to me.
  7. ^^^^^^^^^
    totally agree
  8. poor for her!
  9. Sounds to me like he's looking for a reason to continue to stay at home. Loser! Get a job.
  10. Odd is a nice way of putting it!
  11. he sounds like a money grubber to me. she sounds like she makes some very poor choices in life. (who hasn't?) poor kid.
  12. I think she is a bad wife too. It seems she leaves whoever she is with at the moment for someone new on set. Serial dater.
  13. It is so sad that it is always the children who pay in situations like these. I feel awful about Homer being caught in the middle.
  14. If anyone has ever seen the movie Bowfinger, with Steve Martin, the character played by Heather Graham is said to be based on Anne Heche.
  15. Poor kid! That man should get a job, looser!!