Anne Hathaway's Tote in Bride Wars

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  1. Can anyone ID the tote Anne Hathaway carries in Bride Wars? She has an all leather one for spring and a canvass and leather one in summer. It's just lovely!
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    Is it this one? If it is, then it's a Coach Leather Gigi in Whiskey, I think she also carrys a Coach Patent Leather Gigi in Putty. It's no longer available in boutiques, but you *may* still be able to find one in a Coach Outlet (you could call them and if they have it, they will reserve it for you for two weeks) you could also probably find it on *bay if you keep looking. The price could range from $300-500. Good luck!:smile:
  3. Yup, It's the Coach Gigi like LAltiero85 said. It originally retailed for 798. I have the exact same bag
  4. Great Bag!
  5. ah i just got back from watching the film and after seeing anne with it i want one now.
  6. I actually got this bag while on vacation in Florida. I went to the coach outlet in Florida 2 weeks ago (Sawgrass Mall). Final price was $230. I picked it up in in camel and my mother-in-law swiped the last one almost simultaneously. (Maybe there's more in the back?) When I saw the movie on Friday I freaked out - looks nice on the big screen. The price on the tag was nearly $700.
  7. I love her boots!! Any idea where they are and how much they are? TIA!
  8. Yes, someone please ID the boots!
  9. I have two of those bags and I adore them!
  10. Yes I used to have this bag too and loved it, but it was so heavy. I regret selling it now :sad: It does look lovely on her.