Anne Hathaway's Boyfriend Arrested.

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  1. Anne H's BF Busted - Check Mate!

    Posted Apr 3rd 2008 3:30PM by TMZ Staff


    Anne Hathaway's Italian stallion was just arrested by NYPD for allegedly bouncing a real big check his ass couldn't cover.

    Police tell us Zac Braff-alike Raffaelo Follieri was popped for one misdemeanor count of issuing a bad check -- he's still in police custody, being booked. A source tells TMZ that the check was written for around $250,000, and when the bank said insufficient funds, it wasn't even close. Apparently, the devil wears knock-offs!

    That's hardly the end of the bad news for Follieri. A DC court just ordered him to pay almost $250,000 to a PR firm that he still owes for work they did.
  2. Omg!
  3. whoopsie!
  4. Crazy!
  5. His accountant or banker probably forgot to transfer the funds. I can't imagine anyone writing such a huge check they couldn't cover.
  6. Yikes!!!
  7. Uh oh..
  8. I was thinking something similar.
  9. I don't know, this isn't looking very god..
  10. wow that's really aweful
  11. boing boing boing, bouncy bouncy bouncy.
  12. i think so too since they arrested him and he went with them willingly. But i could be wrong...
  13. Walk of Shame!

    Where’s Anne? Did she bail her man out? Earlier reported Raffaelo Follieri (Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend) was arrested for bouncing a $250,000 check. Ouch.

    Well here he is tonight departing the NYPD’s 18th Precinct in after being arrested.


  14. Whoops. Even I know how to balance my checkbook.
  15. Yikes. He looks sharp on his way out