Anne Hathaway, Ashley Olsen, Milla Jovovic and Chloe Sevigny-Miss Sixty fashion show

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Anne Hathaway looks great. Thanks for the pics!
  3. Anne Hathaway looks great, Ashley needs her boots polished.
  4. great pics!! thanks for posting!
  5. welcome! :biggrin:
  6. Thanks for sharing. I love Miss Sixty boots - I have around 15 pairs :sweatdrop:. They should have invited me to the show too lol :lol:
  7. Love Ashley!
  8. Anne looks great!
  9. They all look good.
  10. Wow, Anne looks super lovely!
  11. Me too - we could totally be best friends with them! (I wish!)
  12. don't these girls know that crossing your legs will give you veins? lol

    I can practically see up Mila's skirt
  13. Great pics! Love Anne Hathaway!
  14. as always the four girls look fab~!
  15. Anne Hathaway is like my FAV celeb...she is so fabulous!