annaversary + Sage MAM = meant to be!!!


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Feb 5, 2008
So I'm sure many of you recall that for my birthday back in November 2008, my boyfriend (who is now an ex boyfriend) bought me a SAGE MAM as a gift.

I broke up with him a few weeks after my birthday due to some personal reasons and he wanted the bag back aside from a few other gifts. (You can choose how to judge him, but I personally didn't want to deal with any drama so I just gave it all back to him.)

WELL, he told me he'd SELL IT TO ME for $700+ because he said that he had some lady from craigslist offered him $700 :btdh: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

I, of course, did NOT take that ugly offer.

WELL, thanks to Loquita, she kept her eye open for me and when a SAGE MAM popped up on eBay she PM'd me and I immediatly asked my boss to pay me for all the hours I have completed, went straight to the ATM, deposited the money and BOUGHT IT! :yahoo:

The only thing about her is that she doesn't have the B/W Floral lining like the one my ex took back, but I still :heart: it! I actually think I'm going to collect all my MABs and MAMs with the B/W Mosaic lining now.

Now I was really busy yesterday and didn't have time to give her a photoshoot but I did snap a photo before I went to bed.

I will post more pictures later today, you know I will ;):graucho: always do!

I feel so great about this purchase because I worked for it and NO ONE CAN TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!!!!!
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Dec 26, 2007
i always love love love your pics, anna :yes:
i can't wait to see more pics girlie

and lol..i see u have desperate housewives next to ur bed
i stopped watching after the 2nd season :s


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Nov 13, 2006
California, USA
YAY! I'm so happy for you Anna! I was so excited when you said that you'd be receiving a new handbag this week! :heart: She's gorgeous! :love: Please post more pictures so we can all oogle over her beauty! :lol:

On a side note, I hope you are moving on well since November. I broke up with my BF earlier this month, so I know what you're going through. It's a tough time, but just know that us, Minkettes, are here for ya girlie! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: Plus, if I feel sad, I just hug my MAMs, and I'm happy again! :lol: