Annalisa bag

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  1. If link didn't work, it is item #LK246
  2. It is a hot looking bag!
  3. I keep pondering whether I want this Annalisa lock-sac in camel... or the new Coach vintage leather ergo hobo. I've seen the Annalisa in person at Macy's... the leather is sooooo soft.
  4. Oh oops her pic was of the zebra one! The analisa is a leather one, huh! Nice slouchy leather bag.
  5. i've had my eye on camel or marine for the lock-sac.... AND the leather ergo hobos. boo! what a decision to make!
  6. Great minds think alike. :yes:
  7. I loooove the marine. It's on my wishlist. I love how you can get two different 'looks' by flipping the top one way or the other.


  8. I want one, the small one, but I reaally don't need another handbag right now. I purchased 3 in the last month.

  9. :yes: yes ma'am! :yes:
  10. I was just about to put this bag in layaway in the blue color!!!!
  11. Layaway? Do tell! I want a large lock sac in red! Yum!
  12. yum is right i want that bag lol
  13. I have a complete hook-up when it comes to Dooneys. There is a luggage shop where I can put any catalog item on layaway (except the specials) and I get a work discount of 30%.

    I should have a million Dooneys because of this, but finances got kind of tight so I was kinda on a ban. :smile: