Anna Wintour

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  1. I know this is an Anna thread, but Kate Winslett looks GORGEOUS in that photo. ^
  2. more Anna :cool:
    AW 3.jpg AW 4.jpg AW 5.jpg
  3. More Anna
    AW A.jpg AW B.jpg AW BB.jpg AW C.jpg AW CC.jpg
  4. and more .....
    AW D.jpg AW E.jpg AW EE.jpg AW G.jpg
  5. and more .... she deserves a good thread - a true style icon.
    AW L.jpg AW O.jpg AW M.jpg AW K.jpg AW P.jpg
  6. Yes, a style icon. She wears the Chanel jackets perfectly, always looks good in sunnies and owns probably the most extensive fur collection I can think of.

    Her style just hasn't changed that much over the years - she found 'her look' and stuck with it. I like that.
  7. [​IMG]

  8. Designer Emma Hill and Anna Wintour attend a dinner following the Mulberry Autumn/Winter 2012, London Fashion Week, 19 Feb 2012.

    I think her coat is mink.
  9. At the Burberry show with her daughters.

  10. ^^ They are all so pretty.
  11. ITA - pretty they are and I bet they have decent closets too!

  12. And its a timeless look
  13. Wow I didn't know she had two daughters. Pretty girls.
  14. Her only daughter is Bee and neither of those girls are Bee.....
  15. are you sure ? what i know is that she only has one daughter and i think she is the one in picture #2 post #19 !