Anna Wintour wearing Vuitton

  1. Just came across this: Anna Wintour wearing a blue and white Vuitton suit from a year or so ago (appears at 4:06 and again at 4:10- 4:14) I know it's kinda random but I simply love the idea of my idol wearing Vuitton! :nuts:

    YouTube - Nuclear Wintour
  2. ohhh, fancy!
  3. I both hate and love her, it´s weird :p
  4. I want to be her!
  5. I want her job and her closet!
  6. lol, I understand that!
  7. Me too :yes: :yes: (first the closet... well, er, first really train to get down to her size, then the closet :roflmfao: )
  8. I'd love to be her.
  9. I want to be a prettier her...
  10. Andrea Tallon help with her outfit...:wlae: ;)
  11. ^Well said. How old is she anyways? Does she age at all??