Anna Sui handbags

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  1. Last week I orderd the Anna Sui Fleur-de-lis Duffle but after seeing the beautiful pictures that jane posted of her dragonfly Im wondering if I orderd the right bag. Sooo.....what do you guys think, fleur de lis or dragonfly? or Meh on both.
  2. I like the dragonfly better as a "symbol" BUT, the FDL bag is waaaaaaaay better (in my opinion... but what do I know)
  3. I love them both, dragonfly was more affordable for me :smile:
  4. It depends! Theyre both beautiful bags. But the Fleur-de-lis is a more bohemian in my opinion. Dragonfly is a little bohemian too but it has a much sleeker look. It depends on what appeals you more
  5. I like the dragonfly more, I'm meh on the Fleur De Lis. It seems too western to me and the dragonfly seems more fun and young. Just my opinion though!
  6. I just posted a Poll for fun.

    Jane your dragonfly bag is so lovely!

    I guess I will make up my mind when my Fleur-de-lis comes in and I can take it home and play with it for a couple of days. :thinking:
  7. I think the dragonfly bag is more "rock and roll". I said it elsewhere, but the leather feels like a nice black leather motorcycle jacket to me ;)
  8. Meh on both.

    Just kidding! Both are spectacular!

    My personality doesn't fit either of them, but I would love to look at them all day. I have a little more of a contemporary, simple structured style, so I would lean more toward the dragonfly.

    The brown one is a better color for me but reminds me of my past, so I am not drawn to it. Except as a work of ART.

    Which one do you see yourself carrying?
  9. I like the dragonfly more and ordered it. The other one is a little too western for my taste as well.
  10. LOL, Im thinkingg that the Fleur-de-lis may be to young looking for me.

    The thing is I can actually remember what I was doing in 1972 when the original bag came out, back then we would be wearing something called Jesus Sandals with the Fleur-de-lis. Maybe thats why I love it so much. :blush:
  11. Really Im not sure, I wish I could have seen them both together but the store I orderd it from didn't even know about the Anna Sui's the SA had to look it up.
  12. I am all about rock and roll. Maybe that is why I liked that one so much lol!

    Ha, I guess I just shy away from the Fluer de Lis because I now live in Louisiana and it represents everything in this state, it's EVERYWHERE, not just for the Saints. I've always liked dragonflies as well - and I'm much more partial to black lol. I hope you pick one and fall in love ;)
  13. I like looking, or should I say gazing, at them both... but, I'll be ordering the FDL. The DF is beautiful, but I just can't do brass or gold hardware unless it's on a brown bag. I wasn't thrilled about the lack of lining in the FDL, but I've grown to admire the rawness of it. I also love the pocket on the front and the overall boho/artsy vibe it has.
  14. That's it! Iv alway been a sucker for the bohemian look, thats the reason I was drawn to this bag and the reason why Im second guessing the choice; I certainly do not have a bohemian life style.
  15. I'm with you, I've always been so in love with the 70's, bohemian vibe. (just finished gazing longingly at free people's embroidered shearling coat, lol!) I ordered the dragonfly because it was more affordable & I love the motif, but I also really love the natural leather color & rustic, authentic vibe of the fleur de lis. If I could afford both, I would get both. I think they are beautifully made bags in an iconic design that will never go out of style.